Black Haze

Listen closely

It's a story from a

Long, long time ago.

The story begins with a

King's discovery of a [door]

To another world

And the king opened that [door].

Once the door was opened,

The humans ran for their lives.

Because the door was opened, the

Demons started pouring out.

That's right.

The world beyond

The door was actually

The [demon world]

Where demons resided.

From the opened door came

Countless numbers of demons and the peaceful

World was thrown into chaos.

Numerous humans were annihilated and

The world was dyed red.

Then, a certain king of the humans

Pleaded to god.

[Dear god,

Please give us the strength to drive away these evil demons.]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Suddenly, a brilliant light appeared through the heavens.

The demons turned into smoke and disappeared.

Aftewards, special [marks]

Started appearing on certain human beings that

Granted them special [powers].

As if it was god's gift.

They were able to fight

Against the demons.

People started calling

Them [magicians] and worshiped them.

And so

Peace wa restored to the world once again.

But hey.

Did you ever wonder?

Whether it really was god who granted the king's wish?

The one that granted the king's wish wasn't actually god...

But.............. the [king of the demons].

That was the start of my memory.










The End

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