I barely knew Alice, but it would make me a very horrible vampire to let her unjustly be captured.

Father Valen was coming towards me in a suspicious manner.

"Hello, Mr.McFarland, how are we this morning?" Father Valen asked

"Bad, Alice has been captured. Haven't you heard?" I said

"Now I have. Oh well, we lose hundreds of Sinister Ones everyday; One feeble girl won't change a thing." Father Valen said "We have business to do."

I didn't enjoy this "business", I wish I could just go back home, to my abandoned lot, to my forest. I followed Father Valen down the hall.

"Where are we going?" I said "This is not the way to the meeting room."

"I know, we're going outside." Father Valen said "We're going to start training and trying to open up your powers."

"Ok." I said

We walked outside and I sensed danger. I got down in a crouched position, ready for anything.

"Something wrong?" Father Valen asked

"I...nothing." I said

"Ok, let's start training" Father Valen said

Then someone or something attacked me from behind. I was knocked out.

I then heard some whispering.

"Where did you put her?"

"In the basement."

"Ok, good, make sure Mr.McFarland doesn't wake up."

"Yes, sir."


The End

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