I wake-up and I hear Alice, outside of my room, talking to August.

"You aren't crushing on Gerard, are you?" August asked

"No!" Alice said

"Good, don't forget, if you fall in love with him it will go against The Daughters Of Darkness code; which you swore to follow." August said accusingly

"I'm not crushing on Mr.McFarland..." Alice said

"Good, go clean, or whatever it is you're supposed to be doing." August said

Alice opened the door to my room and came to the bed; i pretended to sleep.

"Am I falling for you?" she whispered

"I don't know, are you?" I whispered, smiling while keeping my eyes closed

"Oh! um...Mr.McFarland, good morning, sir" she said

"Calm down. Ma'am, you may call me Gerard. No need to hide feelings, my charm seems to affect many." I say confidently

"Please, don't tell anyone that this happened!" Alice said

"I won't, as long as I get the chance to know you better" I said smiling

"Ok" she said "What would you like to talk about?"

We talked for hours until Alice had to go do her job, which is basically, being the maid for the entire mansion.


I had nothing to do so, i sat in my room for most of the day. Then i heard a scream and someone say;

"They took her!"

"Who?What?" I asked

August came running toward me.

"They took her, they took Alice!" she yelled, tears streaming down her face. "They took my little sister!"

"Who?!?" asked

"I don't know..." she answered



The End

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