I walk off the plane and see Father Valen waiting to greet us; the sight of him sends a fearful shiver down my spine for no aparent reason.

"Hello, Mr.McFarland" Father Valen says "How do you do?"

"I'm good, sir." I answer

"Well, we better get going, don't want to keep everyone waiting."

Everyone? I think to myself.

We walked outside until we came to a long black limo. I had no idea where we were going and i was getting into a limo with a strange man called Father Valen, a creepy girl named August, and an attractive girl named Alice.

We drove for a very long time until we reached a black mansion.

"Follow me" said Father Valen

We followed him as he lead us through a hallway, up three flights of stairs, and into a big room with a table and a dozen people in it. They all stared at me expectantly.

"Let's get started" Father Valen said

"We all know that Gerard, possesses the power to proctect every single member of The Sinister Ones fromcomplete extinction. We need to find a way to trigger that power." He said

"Do you know how to trigger it, Gerard?" ask one of the people

"No, i just know that i have it." I answered

They shot many other questions at me that i didn't have the answer to.

"Ok, Alice, please take Mr.McFarland to his room." Father Valen said frustratingly "Seems we won't be getting anywhere soon."

"Yes, sir" Alice said "Please, follow me."

I followed her down a hallway and through a door.

"Here is your room, Mr.McFarland, have a good night." she said as she closed the door.

I need to find out more about Alice, she seems shy and nice; I think to myself. First, I sleep.

The End

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