Black Gives Way To BoodMature

Tonight, i run though the trees and bushes. I'm chasing after a little doe. This doe is fast, but i am faster. I catch up to her and tear my sharp teeth through her neck and suck her life from her veins. She screams her feeble scream and then perishs in my arms. I drop her body and fly away as the sun comes up. I land next to my house, an abondoned lot. I go in and wipe the sweet, sweet blood off of my lips. I use the blood to put a tally mark on the wall, that makes 73 kills. I slowly walk into my room and plop onto the bed. I sleep for hours.

When i wake-up, i am starving; i go out into the forest and search for food. As i search quietly, i hear whispering less than 50 yards away. I walk closer and closer to the whispers and once i get there i see two human females. I get in a crouched possition, ready to strike, when I realize that they have the mark of The Sinister Ones; these girls are related to me. I then emerge from the darkness and come into sight.

"You guys are loud" I say

The girls smile.

"I'm August de Marco and this is Alice de Marco" August says

"I see that you have the mark of The Sinister Ones." I say

"Yes, we are The Daughters Of Darkness." August says

"I see...How may I help your majesty?" I say

"We are looking for Gerard McFarland." August says

"What for, if I may ask?" I say

"We are in need of his assistance." August says

"At your service, ma'am." I say

"We wish that you come with us, Gerard" August says

"Yes ma'am" I say

I follow them further into the forest until we reach a pasture.

"Do you know what we need from you, Gerard?" August asks

"No, i don't, please explain" I say

"We need your powers so that we can protect all of The Sinister Ones from becoming extinct." August says

"My powers only work in times of danger, ma'am, i sense no danger." I say

"You must try!" says Alice

"Ok, i'll try" I say

I use all of my energy to try to trigger my special power, but it will not work.

"Well?" asks August

"It won't work" I say

"We must go to Italy, maybe Father Valen can help us." says August





The End

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