{Chapter Eleven} Slipped WillMature

If I could have fought him off, I would've. If I could've hated every second of it, I would've. If I could've felt chills down my spine instead of lust and sparks, I would have replaced the two in a heartbeat.

But the reality was that I didn't do or even try any of the above.

Allix and I made love that night in the forest; it was something I wasn't expecting, and something that I honestly didn't count on. I don't know where my head was or where my thoughts were at the time; all I knew was that Allix had something about him that drew me ever closer to him, something I couldn't resist if I tried. Funny, I always imagined my first time with a guy like Zack; he was always the kind of person that would make it quick and easy, and I most likely wouldn't remember a thing.

But Allix was different.

I think he was right when he said we were soul mates. Even though he's evasive, mysterious, and maybe even a little dangerous he just...gets me, in his own strange little way. It's weird, I know, but you can't fight fate.



When I woke up, I was lying next to Allixander in his bed at his mansion. My body still ached fresh with the pain of losing my virginity, but I didn't care. Allixander was still asleep, smiling soundly and snoring lightly. He looked so much more peaceful in his sleep, so childlike and young. I watched his chest rise and fall slowly, and sighed.

Slowly, his eyes fluttered open, and for a moment I froze completely. I still wasn't use to seeing his real eyes. His actual eye color was a brilliant hazel, with flecks of gold making them look so much brighter. He smiled brightly at me, his eyes showing lust and love.

"Last night was amazing," he complimented as he wrapped his arms around my waist. He pulled me closer to him, pressing me against his rock hard chest. "I told you we were bound."

I sighed.

"I know." I can't believe how much of my will slipped last night. If I was sane, I would have kicked him off of me and ran as far as I possibly could. "What happened out there, Xan?"

"Xan?" he questioned, raising his eyebrow.

"Yes Xan," I answered, frowning. "One minute you're all sweet and happy and explaining things, and the next you're attacking me. What happened?"

He bit his lip nervously, and turned a deep shade of red.

"Well..." he began nervously. "As shifters, we have a very keen sense of smell. Have you ever smelled anything rotten or stinky when no one else can?" I nodded, and he sighed. "IsmelledthelustcomingoffofyouandIlostcontrol."


"I smelled the lust coming off of you and I lost control," he said, smiling nervously. "At first, all I really did want is a kiss, and then when that smell hit me everything went blank except for my intense want to claim you right then and there."

"Oh." That...makes a lot of sense. I've always smelled weird things coming from certain people. Whenever I would pass Zack in the hallway, I'd always smell a sweet, tangy smell coming off of him, but I always thought it was just his pheromones coming off of him.


I looked at Allix and as his eyes raked over my body, I had to hold myself back. A sweet, addictive, and alluring smell drifted into my nostrils. That smell drove me mad.


"We-we sh-should proba-bably ge-get dr-dr-dressed n-now." Allix stuttered nervously. His eyes turned pitch black, and I gulped.

"Yes," I agreed. "Get. Clothes. Now." HURRY!

The End

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