{Chapter Ten} Allix...I Knew You Came On Strong, But...Mature

Allix sauntered foward, a hungry look in his black eyes. Biting my lip, I backed away. That look cannot be good.

"Mystery, don't be scared," he cooed once I backed into a tree. "I only want one kiss."

"But Allix, you're scaring me!" I admitted embarrassingly. "Why do you want to kiss me, anyway?"

"Every time we kiss, the bond grows stronger," he said, smirking. "Is it a crime that I want to feel your kiss, fell your skin against mine, and feel our souls melt together as one?"

"You make this so freaking hard..." I said, shuddering in lust. "Allix, this is a lot to take in."

He sighed. "I know, and I'm sorry." He looked into my eyes.

"Just one kiss?" he pleaded. He had such an innocent look in his eyes that just looking at him made my heart hurt. "Please?"

"Fine." He smiled, and pulled me closer to him. Our lips collided in a dance of dominance that I was slowly losing. Allix was right; my soul did feel as if it were melting with his every time we kissed. My knees gave way, but Allix held me firmly against the tree. He kissed me as if his life depended on it.

I was the first to pull away.

"Allix," I breathed as he trailed kisses down the side of my neck. Everywhere they touched left trails of sparks and fire on my skin. My blood boiled and I broke out into a sweat. "Allix, what are you doing?"

He tightened his hold on me, holding me so close it was as if he were trying to crush us into one person. He trailed feiry kisses all down the side of my neck, all over my cheeks and lips, and he didn't even bother to stop. It was if he was driven by pure animal lust and desire.

"You are mine," he growled inbetween kisses. "You are all mine."

Oh shit.  

The End

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