{Chapter Nine} The Truth Is Finally RevealedMature

{Chapter Nine} The Truth Comes Out

"Allix," I yelled in frustration, " you need to tell me what the hell is going on, RIGHT NOW! And don't give me anymore of your vague clue-ish bullcrap!"

"Mystery, calm dow-" he started. I cut him off.

"DO NOT TELL ME TO CALM DOWN!" I was practically shaking in rage. "I have been haunted by frightening nightmares and visions! I have been thrown into a careless, confusing relationship, and I have been nearly raped by a guy who's supposed to be DEAD! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" I looked into his eyes and frowned. "Are you a vampire?"

"What?!" That question caught him off guard. "No!"

"Well, you sure as hell aren't human, so what are you?"

He smirked. "The same thing you are!"

"Then what the hell am I?!"

He sighed in frustration, and glared hatefully at me.

"I thought you'd figure it out by now, since you never take off your sight," he said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Sight?!" I groaned in hate. "I still don't know what the hell is going on!"

"The eyes are the windows to the soul," he said, smiling, "and whenever you look into someones eyes, you see exactly what they're feeling or if their soul is pure. You're a soul shifter, Mystery."

What the hell?

"A soul shifter?" I said incredulously. "What the hell is that?"

"You have powers," he said, a huge dimpled smile on his face. "You have great powers. These powers are only awakened in one person every two hundred years."

"If these powers are so great, and only one person gets them, how do you have them?"

"Our souls are intertwined." His smile and pride could set the forest on fire. "We are soulmates. Once I mate with you, we'll be the most powerful and deadliest people on the planet."

"You still haven't explained what a soul shifter is!"

He sighed. "A soul shifter is a person with the ability to change the fate of a doomed soul. If someone is dying, or about to die you can warp their fate and change their destiny. In order to do this, you shape-shift to a desired form in order to either not be seen or to be able to help the patient without them taking notice."

"Okay...that explains things somewhat, but why would you say you were bad for me if you're my soul mate?"

"Well, you know how my eyes always look black to you?" He looked nervous.

"Yes...go on."

"Well, it means my soul was reincarnated. My great, great, great grandfather Amadred has almost half of the control of my body and soul so at times it might not be me you're talking to."

I froze. You know that feeling you get when you feel as if your blood was frozen solid? That's exactly how I feel right now.

"But you were just-. He was just-." I looked into his eyes. "How did you-. What the-." I couldn't even make up a damn sentence to express how I feel.

"Your soul is powerful," he continued. "But if we don't mate and channel correct energies by this weekend, you could have the same fate as Harper."

Harper, the girl in my visions, was finally starting to really haunt me.

The End

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