{Chapter Eight} Out Comes...Something.Mature

{Chapter Eight}


I was standing on the porch of Allizander's mansion, anxiously awaiting the arrival of his butler. I knew Allix wasn't at home, and I needed some real answers. He always confused me with his vague clues.


I turned around, and met the amused stare of the boy I knew I was falling in love with. My heart stopped when I noticed his appearance. He was dressed in a red velvet robe, and black sweatpants, looking like more of a god than anyone had the right to.


"I see you've been expecting me," he said, smirking.


"What are you talking about?"


"Oh, my lovely darling is so clueless." He looked me in the eyes, and for a moment I forgot where I was. Before I knew it, his arms were around me. This was something that would normally send chills down my spine, but this only made me want kick him off of me tonight. He smiled tauntingly.






His eyes were green...like Amadred.


"I am Amadred, your lover, my dear Harper!" he said, suddenly growing furious. "Why can't you recognize me?!"


"I am not your lover!" I screamed, finally breaking out of his hold. His eyes turned...red; the sahde of red was such a startling, and terrifying crimson it made me take off running in fear.


I ran into the forest, running as fast as my legs could carry me, until I was sure I was clear of Amadred.


What I was not expecting was for Allix to be waiting for me, by our tree, his black eyes shining in happiness.

The End

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