{Chapter Seven} Who Knows? (Allixander)Mature

{Chapter Seven} Who Knows? – Allixander

The world is blank and undefined.

I have no shelter or sense of reality.

Everything is like a dream when I am with her.

So how can reality feel so insignifigant?

Why does she have to change me so drastically?

Why does my heart burst with love when I see look into her eyes?

I can't even touch her without feeling eletricity.

So I pass it on to her.

Who knows if she feels the same way about me?

Who knows if she loves me the way I love her?

Her beauty distracts me.

Her passion outshines my shyness.

She excells in everything she does.

But she is an outcast like me.

Our kind have always been that way.

I have to save her.

She has to learn before it's too late.

She won't end up like her.

I won't let them destroy her.

He may want her for his own.

But we share soul and body.

So we have her together.

I love the girl with the rainbow eyes.

I love the girl with a timid smile.

I love the girl despite her cries.

So who knows how she'll react to me?

Who knows how she'll react when she finds out what we are?

Who knows what true love can do?

Who knows if I'll be able to save her?

The End

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