{Chapter Five} First DateMature


{Chapter Five} First Date

The weekend is the most boring time of the week for me. It was because of my non-existant social life, or well, it use to be. Now I had Allixander.

I woke up from yet another terrifying nightmare, only to find the cause of it standing at the edge of my bed. I nearly screamed, but he clasped his hand on my mouth before I could.

"Shh!" he hissed. "You're going to wake everyone up!" I relaxed a little, and he finally let me go.

"You scared the shit out of me!" I whispered angrily.

"Well then, you should probably get that cleaned up." he joked. I glared unimpressively, and he chuckled. He came to sit next to me, and smiled as I moved back a few inches. He didn't care about the distance I tried to put between us, and moved closer to me as I tried to back away. I gave up after a few minutes, and let him sit beside me, our legs slightly brushing. "Did I make my girl  mad?" I shook my head, and pulled him closer to me. He smiled, and wrapped his arms around my waist. For I moment I forgot where I was until I realized he was kissing me.

At first the static felt like it went straight into my heart, making it beat hard against my chest. Then I felt the fire, igniting me, causing me to sweat from it all. Then I felt something else.

I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but it certainly was strong. I suddenly felt like I couldn't resist him. My body felt weak, as I felt him pull me closer to him. My legs started to shake, and I fought to keep a clear mind.

When did kissing him become so difficult?

But then the overwhelming emotions were gone, and I could finally see clearly, and keep steady. Although I was breathing hard, I still kept my voice clear....a little.

"Wow." I said in astonishment. "That was..." My words got stuck in my  throat. I was going to say intense, but it was more than that. He nodded in agreement, and smiled as he took me in his arms again.

"I have a suggestion." Oh boy, here it comes. "Why don't we go on a date?" I stiffend. I've never been asked out before, but ever since we started this relationship, we've never officially went on a date. Unless you count that time in the woods.....but that was more of a make-out session.

After a while, I said "sure."


This was not at all as I expected it to be. Allix picked me up at nine o'clock wearing a white tuxedo, and black polished shoes. He smiled at my astonishment, and took my arm as he led me to a long black limosine.

I was dress in a simple thin black sweater, knee-high purple boots,  dark skiny jeans, and a purple waist-belt. I felt suddenly self conscious standing next to him. He looked so hot, and I was just.....casual.

He sensed my unease as I sat next to him in the leather interior of the limosine, and chuckled.

"Too much," he asked in an earnest tone.

"A little," I replied truthfully.

"Don't worry," he said seductively. "I have something special for you to wear back at the house." I didn't like the way he said that or the twinkle he got in his eyes as he said it, but I did like the fact that I was finally going to see the inside of his house.

"Okay, I'll bite," I said in defeat. "But it better not be skimpy and revealing!" He smiled, and said.

"You're too much for these eyes anyway! But it is short." I shot him a look.

"How short?!"

"Just right above the knees." He smiled tauntively. I glared unimpressively. He chuckled, and took me in his arms. I lost my train of thought, as I stared into his eyes. "We're here."

I looked out the window, and gasped. We were in front of a large estate, but looked more like a gothic castle. It was as black as his eyes, with gargoyles standing guard in front of the doorway. The windows were six feet tall, and the seemed to pile on top of eachother as they created the four story building. A lone eagle flew above the house, and it let out a call as we got out of the car. It was my dream come true, and my worst nightmare.

And Allixander looked absolutely beautiful standing in front of it.


The inside was lit by firelight, which made the dark red velvelt curtains look so lovely against the gothic setting. Allixander seemed resigned as I walked in in the gold dress he gave to me. Like he said, it was just right above my knees, although I didn't like the dip in the neckline, it was suitable.

I never even would have guessed that he would arrange all this.

I was greeted by a scary looking, but kind butler as I took my seat in the dining room.

"Tonight we are having something special," said the butler in an intimidating deep voice. "I will provide water if needed." I nodded, and Allixander entered the room.

I saw the twinkle in his eye reappear, as he sat with me in the oversized chair.

"Not your usual setting," he said with a tone as smooth as chocolate. "But then again, we are not a usual couple." All I could do was nod. He smiled, sighed, and turned his head to stare at one of the many collasal paintings on the wall. It looked like it was one of him, but as I looked closer, I noticed the boy in the painting had green eyes. "That is a painting of my great, great, great grandfather, Amadred. He owned this mansion, and I inherited it."

The realization hit me like a ton of bricks.

The boy cried silently as he dragged his beloved to the top of the hill. He couldn't believe he actually committed murder, much less to the woman who trusted him most.

"I had to do it," he whispered silently to her dead body, "they would have killed you." As he makes his way to the perfectly dug grave in the corner of the hill, he sets her body down right in front of a rock.

All he could do was stare at the bloodstained lace. All he could do was look at her face; her eyes were closed, and she seemed to go in peace at the fact that she was killed by someone she loves rather than someone she loathes.

He opens her eyelid, and looked into the lifeless light brown eyes he so dearly charished. Nothing. He remembered when he use to look into her eyes, and see her rainbow colored soul staring back. Now he saw nothing.

He picked her body back up off the ground, and continued his journey to her grave.

But in the distance he could still hear her final words loud and clear.

"Amadred, before you kill me, remember this; I still love you."

I couldn't help but sob at the memory, but Allixander just looked blank. He must have seen it too.

But what does that have to do with us?

He held me closer to him than I thought possible, and whispered, "don't cry. Please don't cry. You know that I love you, just don't cry." It was the first time he told me he loved me. I looked up, surprised to see his staring back at me, and almost screamed in horror.

His eyes were hazel not black.

I blinked, and his eyes turned black again.

What the hell?!

The End

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