{Chapter Four} BoyfriendMature


{Chapter Four} Boyfriend

School the next morning was almost a blur. There were brief moments when Alexander and I were together, and I lost all focus. Alexander would always stay calm, and he always seemed so unaffected by me. That got irritating, but I hardly noticed.

We were walking in the hallway, when I noticed a new figure standing in front of my locker.

He had sloppy blond hair, big sky blue eyes, and a slightly muscular figure. His expression was stuck in a mask of anger and pain as he gazed at Alexander and I.

"Zack," I warned, "please get the hell off of my locker."

"No," he said sternly. "Why did you do this to me Mystery?!" That caught me off guard.

"Do what?" I asked, confused.

He stabbed his finger in Alexander's direction.

"Hook up with him!" He said hatefully. A crowd was starting to form around us, and I looked to Alexander. His expression was amused, although I saw fire building in his eyes.

"I have a name,"  said Alexander with a smile. "Alexander. And what is this obssession you have with my girlfriend?" It was still weird hearing him say it, but I loved hearing it. His voice was like velvet, softly rolling from his lips creating a seductive, alluring quality to his myserious personality.

"Girlfriend!" Zack screamed in pure rage. He stabbed a finger in my direction, and looked to me with half pleading, half angry eyes. "So a new guy just walks in like he owns the place, but you won't even consider a guy whose been chasing after you since kindergarten?!" I was completely shocked, and I almost immediately regretted not giving him a chance in the first place. After all, he is hot, in a rebellious teen kind of way. He has money, and will probably be better for me in the long run-

"Zack, listen," I said, with my voice almost cracking. "I am not your type. I like Alexander because he is someone I can relate to. You're too straight forward and arrogant. Alexander's mysterious, and-." I broke off, thinking I might give to much away. "You would probably do anything for me, but I am not going to change you so just move on."

"You seriously don't get it, do you?" he said, his voice sounded like he was going to burst into tears. "I can't move on. I have been stuck on you since the day that I met you. You aren't like all the girls at this school; they're all too prim, and prissy. You don't care what people think about you. You wear your hair messy everyday because you don't want to impress anybody. But you impress me. You should know how I feel about you because I was your best friend, remember?"

It was true. Before all this mess started when we were growing up, we were children living in the same neighborhood, with dads as golf buddies. From ages one-to-five we were inseperable; we use to play in the sandbox, and have sleepovers together. I was only six when he asked me out for the first time. He use to joke about marrying me, but that's all I ever thought it was up until then. After I turned him down, he hardly talked to me. I never let it bother me when I would see him with the occasional tall blond, or bodacious brunette because I didn't like Zack that way. He was just a friend, and that's all he's ever been to me.

Now, looking into his torn face, I might have to question how I feel about him.

"Yes Zack, we were friends," I said in finality. "But Zack, that's all you've ever been to me. Just a friend. I wouldn't change that for the world."

His hurt expression shifted into a smile. I wanted to reach out and hug him, but the way Alexander was holding me told me not to.

"Okay," he said after a moment. "But one day you'll have to stop lying to yourself about the way you feel about me. Remember Mystery, I'll always be waiting in the wings." With that final comment, he left as the bell rang. That's when I felt Alexander's eyes on me.


Alexander and I were walking out of school together in silence. I had an urge to fill the void, but I didn't bother. We were almost to my house when Alexander turned right, and cut through someone's yard. He stopped, turned around, and beckoned me forward. I gave hime a confused look, and followed him.

He led me into through a forest at the edge of the fence, and my suspicion started to question him mentally. We stopped when we reached the middle of the forest, and he turned around and smiled.

"Scared?" he said in a mocking tone. I nodded truthfully, and he chuckled. "Don't be. I just wanted to show you my favorite place to hide out every once in a while." I froze. He's never shown me anything to let me know something about him. This was a first.

He sat down next to a tree that soared in the air like a skyscraper, with branches climbing along the way. The first branch was a foot off the ground, and from there in looked like someone chopped down branches to make it seem like a winding staircase.

I sat beside him after I stopped marveling at the tree. He smiled a heart-shattering smile before taking me in his arms.

"I don't know why, but I feel so drawn to you. I would say I love you, but I have a feeling it's more than that. Like destiny, fate, or, or....I can't explain it. Nature, maybe?" I nodded in agreement. I couldn't find words for this either, but what he said made sense to me. "I don't know how to be close to you. You're always so, so-." He broke off, but I could see adoration in his black eyes as he stared at me. I gasped as he pulled me closer, and held me tightly. "But I do know that you're strong. That scares me a little, but I like it." He smiled as he gazed at me. I finally saw the goofy look teenagers get when they think they've fallen in love with someone.

He finally let go of all of his shyness and just been himself. I realized at that second that that was all I wanted in the first place.


 You'd think being out in the forest for an hour at sixteen meant you were doing something you weren't supposed to, but we weren't. We spent a whole hour in the forest just talking or gazing at each other. We spent every minute trying to fill almost any space we had between us, trying to be as close as we could get without actually getting naked. I guess that's what people do when they're in love.

After a few more moments of gazing at Alexander, I finally spoke.

"So what else should we do?" He looked dumbfounded for a moment, but smiled and awkward smile.

"This is going to sound cheesy, but why don't we carve our names in the tree. You know, like how they do in the movies?"

"Oh my God, I've always wanted to do that!" He seemed surprised, but he smiled and took out a small carving knife. "Why do you have that?"

"I always keep one close in case I need emergency protection." I gave him a puzzled look, and his face fell in defeat. "I also use to be emo."

"Like emo-tional. Really?"

"I don't look it.....Do I?"

I studied him in his blue jeans, black T-shirt, and black and red Nikes.

"Nope." He smiled, and began carving in my name. Slowly the letters came out. M...Y...S...T...E...R...Y. What I hadn't expected was for him to know my last name. S...O....L....V...I....N...G.....S...K...I.  "How do you-"

"-Know your last name? I've only really had one real girlfriend before you, and she was a bitch. Since you clearly aren't a bitch, I wanted to know more about you, so I got some of your info from the kids at school. Hope you don't think I'm some kind of stalker." I stood open-mouthed like some crazy tourist whose seen the Luxor for the first time.

After a moment, I finally spoke. "Huh, so that's how you knew where I lived." He nodded, and proceeded to write his name in next to the little & symbol he made.I snatched the knife out of his hand, and he looked to me with surprise. "I want to do it!"  He smiled as I began to write his name down. A...

"Wait," he said. "I spell my name kind of different." Interesting.

"Okay, so tell me the rest letters."

He hesitated, but spoke. "L. L. I. X. Ander."

"Cute!" He smiled, and blushed. In the end it read;


"You don't want your last name on the tree?" He shook his head, and I shrugged. He took the knife away, and put it in his pocket, then looked to me with that lovesick-teenage gaze again. On others it looked goofy. He made it look sexy.

He took my in his arms, pushed against the tree, held me as close as he could to himself, and kissed me. The universe seemed to swirl, until it felt as if a spotlight was shining on just Allixander and I. Something stronger than static rushed through me, and woke me up. It felt like my body was burning with eletricity and fire. I couldn't breathe or focus as he continued, and as soon as he let go, our moment ended with the both of us panting in exauhstion.

"Wow." I said after a few minutes. "That was intense." Allix shook his head, still panting, and held me closer to him. I remembered the moment he kissed me the first day came. It felt like I was being electricuted, but it actually felt good. The second time he kissed me felt like I was on fire, burning but enjoying the flame. Now was like a combination of the two. Since when did kissing him become so intense and complicated?

His gaze held mine, and I saw something I've never seen in his eyes. Faith.

The End

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