{Chapter Three} DeclaredMature




{Chapter Three} Declared

"Ah," I say in surprise at the site of him. He looked more like a god than anyone ever had the right to. I hated it.

He was clothed in a red velvet bathrobe, and black sweatpants. It complimented his black eyes, and shockingly pale skin. He smiled, and my heart raced. Cheater.

"I see you've been anticipating me." Was I?

"What are you talking about?" My hands started to shake, and I suddenly felt dizzy. 

"Oh, my lovely darling is so clueless." He looked me in the eyes, and for a moment I forgot where I was. Before I knew it, his arms were around me. This was something that would normally send chills down my spine, but this only made me want kick him off of me tonight. He smiled tauntingly.

He grabbed a hand full of my hair, and forced his lips on mine. I tried to push him off of me, but he was too strong. He took his left hand out of my hair, and slowly slid it down my arm. He tore my dress open, exposing my black underwear to him. He smiled, and threw me on-.

 "AH!" I screamed. These dreams are getting so much worse! I looked down, hoping to see-.

All my clothes were still in place. Dear God Mystery, what have you gotten yourself into! I looked around my room expecting him to be hidden in some corner, or probably sitting next to me on the bed so still I barely noticed he was there the whole time. Nothing.

I got up, and trugded to the mirror, but froze halfway there. A soft knock on my window sent my pulse racing so fast I could hear it in my ears, and feel it all over my body. I slowly turned around, and saw-.

"Mystery!" cheered Alexander. "Could you let me in? I need to talk to you!"

My hands started to shake, and my eyes started to water. How the hell did he know where I lived? How did he know where my room was? And more importantly, how did he get all the way up to my window? I knew that was an automatic warning that I should stay away from him, but I fell under the spell of his stare, as his darker than the night sky eyes took over my common sense.

I walked over to the window in a daze, and opened it silently. He smiled, and jumped inside easily, and sat in my two-foot wide, five-foot-four long windowsill. I watched him, studied him, making sure I remember what the night did to his features as he stared at me deeply.

After a minute of silent studying, he silently got out of my windowsill, and walked over to where I was standing. He caressed my chin in his hands, and smiled as I nearly fought to keep balance. What the hell is he doing to me?

"Your face looks so beautiful in the moonlight," he said in a serious tone, "like a painting that could never be replaced." I froze. I had never been complimented like that in my life.

He slid his right arm around my waist, and pulled me closer to him. Memories of the dream falshed through my mind, and I pushed him off, and backed into the corner.

"Alex," I warned unconvincingly, "what are you doing?" He smiled, and yanked me off the floor.

"What, I can't kiss my girlfriend?" He said the word with such victory and passion, I was frozen with shock. His eyes connected with mine, and my mind erased every bad thought and feeling, and it was just us. Just Alex and Mystery. I smiled as he leaned in and whispered, "beautiful."

Then he kissed me.

Urgent, passionate, lustful, love-filled, and hypnotic emotions all rushed from his lips to mine. A shock ran through my veins, and soon everything felt like it was on fire. He molded me to him, using all of his strength, like he was trying to force us together. It was magical.

Then just like that, it was over. I failed to catch my breath, and was still panting as he unhooked his arms from around my waist.

"You have to go...uh...so s-soon," I said breathlessly. He smiled as he kissed me again, once again lighting me up, and knocking the breath out of me. He let me go, and looked me deeply in the eyes.

"Your mom is coming," he replied flatly.

"Mystery," mom yelled down the hallway, "who's that in your room?"

I turned around, and Alexander was gone.

"No one. Just thought I saw a spider." He was crafty and mysterious. He was alluring and righteous. He was hypnotic and random. He was a total mystery. Now he claimed himself to one.

I have a boyfriend. I didn't think that was possible.


I had been unnatainable since I was six. I could remember that faithful moment when I declared it on the playground.

"Hi," said a voice standing behind me. I turned around, and frowned in surprise. "I think your pretty."

"Hey Zack," I replied in a clear tone. Zack Mathews was standing in front of me with big blue eyes, and sloppy bond hair. "Thank you." His cheeks burned, and I giggled.

"Wanna be my girlfriend?" He said in a nervous tone. I frowned, and looked around. Everyone was staring, and that made everything uncomfortable.

"Sorry Zack, but I'm really shy."

"I don't mind." He seemed desperate, and that only made things feel weird.

"Well Zack, I just don't want a boyfriend right now." He looked dissapointed, and I almost turned back. Almost. "You wouldn't want to date me anyway. I'm not your type." I had no idea what that meant when I said it, but from the look on his face it must have hurt.

He walked away, and from that moment on guys have been hypnotized by me, although they rarely talked to me. I was commonly gazed at in hallways, and commonly went to for 'how to get a guy' advice. But other than that I was considered a freak for turning down Zack Mathews.

Now I have a boyfriend who isn't Zack Mathews, the guy who I turned down, and the guy who everyone thought I was going to end up with eventually.  How the hell did that happen?

The End

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