{Chapter Two} Mystery Man Has A Name!Mature

{Chapter Two} Mystery Man Has A Name!


The air was freezing against my smooth golden skin. I could feel the minutes ticking by as I ran through the dark forest. I could feel the presence behind me get closer and closer with every second I wasted.


I didn't dare breath as I ran. That would be an automatic giveaway of my location to the predator behind me. I couldn't risk it.


I ran past sky-scraping trees, and violent wildlife. I dogged every attack, and every threatening fall. But every step I took through the forest it only got darker.


I swore I ran three miles when the darkness finally took over. I couldn't see anything. It hurt my eyes to even try. So I slowly closed my eyelids and sank to the floor.

That's when I felt his arms.


Bare and caressing warm arms were all I felt in the darkness. He gently placed his arms around my waist, and rocked me back and fourth in some slow unknown rhythm.


I was frozen in shock and fear. All my instincts were on high, and I suddenly wanted to kick him and run. But all that changed after I felt his lips softly brush my cheek...my neck...my shoulder........


I felt the aftershock of his kiss all over me. I couldn't resist his affection- I could barely resist him.

I left my arms hanging at my sides as he pulled me closer to him and continued to kiss me. The shock lingering in my veins was getting stronger as my blood boiled and my heart raced.


I gasped and gently pushed him off of me.


Lights flickered on everywhere, and suddenly the brightness was painful. I had to shield my eyes as he approached silently. I let out a howling scream as I realized who it was.


It was mystery guy; the new guy who kissed me on the lockers yesterday.


He gently raised a shaky hand, and smiled at me. I recoiled away like I've been presented with a gun to my forehead. He smiled tauntingly, and grabbed my arm forcefully. He was so strong it stung.

He pulled me closer to him, and held my waist tightly. He grabbed a handful of my hair, and forced his lips on mine.


He kissed me hungrily not giving me any air, or option to breath. Minutes later, he pulled away leaving me breathless and gasping like he did in the hallway.


I dropped on a surprisingly hard floor, and slowly breathed in and out in hard painful breaths. He smiled and came to lay next to me. He forced my face to him, and my stomach fluttered as he tore through me with his incredible black eyes.


He lifted his hand, and traced patterns on my arm that felt incredibly sharp. Soon it became painful and I tried to force his hand away, but he steadily continued to trace the painful patterns. I felt something wet pool under me as he continued. I let out a scream as I realized what it was.


It was my blood.


He was cutting me.


But how? He used no weapons. I was pretty sure he didn't have knives in his fingertips. So how was he cutting me..........


I woke up gasping, and screaming in pain. I felt my arms for cuts. That dream felt too real and too good to be true. Thank God nothing was there.


I silently got up shaky and woozy to look in the mirror. I sighed in contentment.


Staring back was a very frightened, very pretty me. Her brown curls were in a messy sprawl around her face. Her golden skin was dry in the light, yet still wonderfully tan. Her golden-hazel eyes were wide in shock, as her mouth hung open at the lack of cuts. Her oval face looked elongated as her mouth stretched wider.


“Mystery? Mystery?” yelled my mom down the hallway. I groaned and walked down to greet her and assure her I was okay. She smiled, and went back to bed.

I groaned as I entered the room. I won't go to sleep tonight. Not after a dream like that.


I walked down the hallways of North Welington High in determination. Today I vowed I would learn more about this mystery guy who just stares at me with searching eyes looking straight into my soul, and kisses me then leaves like nothing ever happened. There has to be something about him that draws me to him like a magnet to the refrigorator.


I smiled as I walked to my locker and saw him standing there with his heart-breaking crooked smirk.


"Hi," I mumbled embarressingly.


"Hi," he replied in a velvet voice that nealry knocked the breath out of me.


"So.....Why did you kiss me?" He stared at me incredulously, and softly brushed his finger on my cheek. The shock ran through my veins like a cheetah running after its prey. I never imagined anything could feel so good in my life.


"You should know." He replied simply. Then, like the magician he has proved to be from the first time I laid eyes on him, he dissapeared out of plain sight.


I akwardly stumbled into class dizzy from the exhilaration of his presence once more.



"Why did he kiss you? C'mon! C'mon! Give me the deats!" screamed Dakota. She is a girl in my science class, and the total opposite of me; blond, presentable, nice,  and popular with a major motor mouth.


"I don't know," I yelled in frustration. She jumped back, and waited for a reply. I sighed, and sank in a nearby desk. "He just told me 'you should know' of all things to tell me." That kiss was a whole new fuel for a gossip train.


She sagged in her seat obviously dissapointed, but the sparkle in her eyes reassured me she was happy she got an answer. I took my seat in the back calmly, and felt his stare on me again.


"Mystery...." he let the word trail off, and I felt a buzz of excitement rush through me as he said my name.


"I don't even know your name, so how do you know mine?" I questioned failing to sound as stern as intended. He smiled and brushed the bangs out of my eyes.


"Everybody should. You've got sort of a rep for being such a Mystery."


"Quiet you!" I punched him in the shoulder playfully, and felt a new tinge to the atmoshpere. It felt like we've known eachother for years rather than just the two school-days I've seen him. He smiled as he leaned in closer to me. Friendship broken.


His lips were only an inch from mine when he whispered to me. "There are a lot of things you need to look out for-me included. I really like you, but I am not your best pick for future prom date. Trust me on this and your life will be normal."


I nodded although I disagreed completely. He was clearly what I desired; mysterious, crafty, and completely alluring. He could have lured me into an alley just to kill me, and I would have followed without a doubt in my head. Something inside me set off a red alert that me just sitting by him was a bad idea, but I ignored it as I sat gazing into his eyes for the rest of the period.


The rest of the day went by in that same pattern; we paid absolutely every second our attention span could hold on eachother. I'd ask questions he'd give me confusing answers to, and occasionally he would lightly kiss me on the cheek.


Everyone stared, and a few jocks glared as I we passed by; they were probably mad at me. I've been the only girl in school Zack Mathews (the most popular guy in school whos dad owns nearly the whole town) hasn't had a two week relationship with. Cheerleaders gasped as I passed by with my hunk of hot teenage boy. They acknowledged me for getting the new guy hooked on me so fast.


This relationship happened too fast.


It's only been two days, and I'm  already hooked on the guy. But why?


The next few days went by, yet he still hasn't kissed me again. He still hasn't told me his name either. He hasn't officially declared us a couple, or told me why I should be afraid. So......what are we?

Do I have to be afraid? Why are we so connected? What is it about him that makes my heart race, and my stomach flutter? This boy has such a grip on me, and I don't even know his name!


I've never felt this way about anyone,- anyone! Then this total stranger comes along and sweeps me off my feet. Maybe we are-


No! Mystery Mariane Solvingski is not falling for a complete stranger so easily! I have to prove better of myself. I am a strong, independent young girl, and I will be treated with complete respect! I deserve better than to be given the silent treatement!


What possible thing can be bonding us together like this-nature?


"What is your name!" I demanded as he played with my hair silently. No answer. "You're never going to tell me are you?" He nodded. "Is that a yes or a no?" He nodded, and I felt a smile creep onto my lips.


"Later," he reassured.


"Later," I repeated in contentment. The entire class was staring at us. Apparently nobody knew his name, only the teachers. He entered the room like a normal student and refused every introduction the teachers insisted. My hero. I sure as heck wish I could have done that my first day.



We made our way to our lockers in silence. I desperately wanted to break it, but the way he looked at me was enough to persuade me the silence was reasonable.


As I fiddled with the lock, he smiled and puched the side of my locker. It popped open under his command. I gasped. Not even a dent in my locker could prove this wierd trick was performed.


"Alexander," he said.


"Alexander who?" I replied in a confused tone.


"My name." he replied with a tone of annoyance in his voice.


"Adorable!" I cheered. He chuckled, and took my hand in his. I finally knew his name!

We walked through the hallways of North Welington as people stared in awe. I knew our relationship was a complete mystery to me, and to them, but I hardly cared. All I cared about was the fact that someone had actually talked to me.....kissed me! But how long will this last?


More important, how will this last? What will last?

The End

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