{Chapter One} What The Hell Just Happened?Mature



{Chapter One} What The Hell Just Happened?


Lovely was the only word anyone could ever use to describe this average beauty. Lovely, that's it. That's all she was in the eyes of society. That's the only thing society ever knew about her.


She never opened her world to anyone else. She never let anyone know a single thing about her. Not even her favorite gentlemen caller, Amadred. He was-without a doubt-her true love.


He would bring her roses, and carnations in the middle of the night. He would take her to the fanciest restaurants, just to sit at the table and look at each other. They were such a magnificent power couple, not one of the citizens ever questioned their intense relationship. Not even their age was one to bring up a single doubt in anyone's mind.


She would enter a party with him on her arm, and every glare would be insignificant to them. They would dance the night away with every envious eye on them, and every blare of the bass anew and extravagant. They were so inseparable a lot of her previous callers became incredibly jealous.

Maybe that's why he did it.


I woke up in the middle of class, dazed and nearly about to scream.

“Why does this keep happening to me?” I mumbled. I shook out my brown curls, and left them in a messy halo around my face, nearly every inch of the bangs covering my eyes. I could see the other kids stare at me in confusion, and I could hear them grumble to one another about my appearance, but I didn't care. Why should I? Nobody likes me anyway.



After the bell rings, I pick up my things, and slowly trudge to English class. After about two minutes, I give up, and sprint to class hoping not to be late. It was no use.


“You're late!” screamed the teacher. “You missed the announcement of the new student. Now take your seat!” New student?


I shook my head, and made my way to the back of the classroom, and sat in my usual seat. It was then that I finally realized someone else in the seat next to me.


In the desk just a few inches from to mine, was a boy. He had to be at least fifteen. He had bright orange hair, and black eyes. His eyes were such a stunning black, the pupil stood out among them like light in the darkness. I couldn't look away from him. He hypnotized me with his intense stare.


I was just about to open my mouth to say something when -RIIINNNGGG!- the bell for class to end caused both of us to jump at the sound. He smiled a crooked smirk that sent my heart racing, and my stomach fluttering.


Then-just like that-he was gone. I was left as dazed as I was from waking up from a nightmare.


I needed to find out more about him. He couldn't just leave me as breathless as he did, and expect me not to react. So I was determined to find out what the hell was with this hypnotic stranger. Even if it kills me.


I made my way to my locker in a daze. I fiddled with the lock, and got out my history book. I slammed my locker shut, and stopped abruptly as I felt a stare on me.


Next to me, giving me his intense, hypnotic stare again, was mystery man. I blushed, and tore m eyes away from his face to see what he was wearing. It was a simple outfit; black shirt, black skinny jeans, and a black wristband. Everybody's first interpretation would be goth, but I knew better than that.


He lifted my chin slightly, and penetrated me with his stare again. I felt his hand slightly trace swirling patterns on my cheek. Everywhere his hand traced, everywhere his hand touched, left a shock that penetrated my skin, and sent my blood boiling.


He pressed his lips to mine, and in that instant, it was just me and him. Nobody else in the hallway were visible to me now, as I felt his hands search through my hair, and slam me against his locker.


The bell rang, and he pulled me out of our universe. He left me, struggling to catch my breath against his locker. All I could think was wow.

As I made my way to class, I continued to struggle to catch my breath. What the hell just happened?

The End

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