Black EyesMature

Mystery Solvingski is just that...a mystery. So isn't it likely for her to fall for the most mysterious and alluring boy she's ever met? Yes; but he holds dark, terrible secrets. And slowly, as Mystery uncovers the truth, she starts to wonder more and more about what he's hinding behind his black eyes.


Black Eyes

Nobody ever understood her, but I could see the loneliness in her eyes, and I knew I had to have her. It was an automatic thing; once I got into it, I could never go back on my decision. I just hate the fact that her soul is so much more complex than the others.

I hate the fact that she had to die.

I should have just stayed away from her. We would have never gotten into such a mess if I did, but she was too interesting!

Now, as I stand before the suited guest for her funeral, I no longer resisted the urge to jump into her coffin. So I did it without thought.

Our souls have been lingering for one hundred years now, and we have found no host who have taken upon the offer, or fit the description. But when the time comes, we will seek our revenge upon this wretched world.

We will have our time to shine once again.

The End

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