Black Dawn

A beautiful girl lands on a the planet Dirprimus and all of Diprimus' citizens are fascinated. All but Sual. Sual believed that if it couldn't bring back his brother, then it shouldn't be here. But when Darkness takes over, the two must work together to find the person behind all of this...and to find Leran, Sual's brother.

If Sual hadn't been late for class, he might have seen the girl. Instead, he was forced to run through the halls of the Academy of Dirprimus.  People from all over the world came to this Academy, almost the only one.  There were only four schools in the four regions of Dirprimus. Sual was lucky he could be here. His parents were barely able to afford to send him there. They had told him, "You have to do good, simply because we can't afford to keep you there unless they see you are talented." And this morning, he was late. He knew if he wanted to keep up his grades he had to be on time to all his classes, even his first class, History. But he was soon to see that it didn't matter that day. 

As he reached the classroom, he saw that it was empty, with chairs turned over, and even the teacher's history book was on the ground, as if it had been dropped in a hurry. Sual was worried.  He thought of all the possibilities why this could have happened. But it did. Then, he heard clamoring outside and went to look out the window. As he did, his eyes widened.

The End

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