Black CreekMature

Eight teens set off for one last holiday in Black Creek, unknowing that this could actually be the last holiday they'll ever have.

A violent breath of wind howled and shook the old run down windows of black creek cabin on the edge of the woods. The putrid smell of flesh ripping through the air,
the piercing screams of my friends shattering my eardrums as I hide and wait
for the harsh light of day to break through the darkness and illuminate my path
to freedom. Or at least that’s what I thought would happen. A searing pain shot
down my leg, I feel a wet ruby sensation drip onto the icy stone floor and I
pray for the suffering to stop. Black mist fills the room as I disappear
gradually into unconsciousness.


(Beep,Beep alarm clock.) I jumped from mybed in horror, sweat dripping down my neck. “EVA”! I hear my mum call my name, I go to my closet and grab my favourite pair of dark denim jeans, black rock
chick t-shirt and pink letterman’s jacket with a white number 5 stitched on the
right hand corner.  Finally I drag my feet to the dresser and comb my long mousy brown hair, (ding) I run down the stairs to answer the door, as I slid open the door my two best friends emerge. Roux her short black hair with the tinniest piece of green on here fringe gleaming in the radiant sunlight.  Followed
closely by her new boyfriend Dave. He bounced in to my hallway with the
smuggest expression on his face, I wanted to ask him what he was looking so
proud about but I thought it would be best to leave it, I am sure if he wanted
me to know he would tell me in his own time. I turn to face Roux who also
looked very pleased with herself I know she wanted to tell me something, but I
also know that she wanted to surprise me so I tried to ignore her and not look
to anxious.

We had the whole half term now to have a holiday; our exams were over and it was finally time to let ourselves go, get a little drunk and party before we went off to
work or university. It may even be the last time we ever could do something
like this. We were going to be adults, I cant wait.

The  11 chimes of the mahogany grandfather clock went off indicating that it was 11 o'clock and time to go and meet the rest of the guys to discuss the trip arrangements. I was meeting my 5 closest friends.

James a long-haired, ginger boy with a round chirpy smile on his face and his muscular arms that squeezes the life from everyone he hugs. 

Donny the sweetest and most sensitive  member of my little gang, with his luscious locks of thick, smooth and very conditioned ebony hair and of course his tanned 6 pack that shines in the sunlight. Not to mention those massive size 12 italian leather shoes that never stop that 'new shoe' tap sound.

But of course we can not forget Alex. We all love Alex, he has always been the funny member of the group, his shoulder length blue hair and piercings, wild antics and lovable personality that makes our hearts melt. Standing next to him was his beautiful girlfriend Elizabeth and her sister Keira. Elizabeth was a sporty person, she jogs every morning and still she always looks likes she's glowing and she is never tired; it really does amaze me. She loves to wear her light denim skinny jeans and black vest tops.

We meet her on halloween it was her first party since she moved back here from Spain, and I know she enjoyed herself because she had meet Alex that very night. Elizabeth's younger sister Keira was the smallest and the most intellegent out of the lot of us. She has burnt amber coloured hair that reaches down to her belly button and she is a fan of mini skirts and hoodies.

Donny and James pulled up in their cars. Alex, Dave and Roux jumped in with James in his white BMW. Elizabeth, Keira and I hopped into Donny's yellow Mini-Cooper.


The End

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