Chapter 8- The EndMature


I couldn't move. For nights I didn't move. Aiden was dead. He was dead. Despite my greatest efforts...he was gone. For nights, I sat at his grave, for days, I refused to leave my room, my sister forced me to eat, to drink, to walk...but it was so exhausting...I didn't think I could go on living after I had failed again.

Perhaps it was inevitable, children like Aiden cannot survive in this convoluted and twisted world, perhaps God was simply cruel, and his end was fate but it is a fact ...not all stories have a happy ending.

I climbed to the top of the old green building, my clothes in tatters, and my knees burned, but I couldn't care less. I was going to end this. I wanted to finish this desperate and devastating circle.

I reached my arms for the ashen sky, and stood on the ledge. A slight fall was all it would be over, the pain, the anxiety. The burden of their death on my hands... I didn't want to live with it…it was too heavy.

I lifted a single foot of the ledge; and leaned a little forward, but an unearthly force seemed to draw me back onto the safety of the broken roof. Shaking and scared, I turned my head to the sky, and let the tears drip of my face.

Though my vision was blurred and my body bruised, I saw it clearly emerge from the dark night sky... A large, black butterfly.

It flitted towards me, dancing around my forehead, before landing on my outstretched palm. It looked at me, as if trying to whisper to me, cocked its head and flipped its wings down to the floor of the garden. There, where the grass was black and the ground was poison, played two little children, little boys, barely toddlers, laughing and running in the dirt. Their eyes shone with a deep ethereal gold light. Their heads turned to look at me, ever so slightly. I could see the smile gently cress their lips, as they ran onto the blank street ahead, vanishing in the darkness, as if they had never been.

As they left, the butterfly beat its dark wings and rose into the parting clouds. The gentle starlight glistened onto it's back, and like the thousand hues of a rainbow pallet, its wings burst into a million shades of color. As it flew beyond, I heard the wind whisper…

“It is not your burden to bear….”

I smiled. For the first time in months, I smiled.
They were happy. Finally, those boys those twin souls who were bound so closely, were happy, so for their happiness, I could smile again, I could live again, I would fight till the very end…because of their joy.

My heart at ease, I walked away allowing just one tear to fall from my eyes, as I promised to live my life, reaching out with my own frail wings beyond the clouds.  Perhaps the starlight would glisten on my own wings, and paint them with a thousand shades, like those of a black butterfly.

The End

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