Chapter 5Mature

A story...


“Once, in a great, bright city, two boys lived side by side, both beautifully gifted. The first little boy was strong and flighty, like a star in the dark night sky, the other a frail and delicate butterfly. They were different in thousands of ways, and yet, they shared one commonalty...they were both alone.

For all of his strength and imagination, the little star child had a mind no one could fathom. His words in ignorant ears were only ever half understood, may it be by father, by teacher or a friend. The second was deemed as an undesirable, an abnormal one, thus no one bothered to try to listen to his words, and or his soft cries for love. 

One cool morning, under a grey September sky they collided in the green grasses. They may have been weary and closed in, but fate intervened and intertwined their lives deep within their very roots. There, in the great green fortress-like building they bided their time, speaking their hearts, and finally, being truly heard. 

Their bond grew at great pace, and like twin-souls they moved as one, they moved as family. They were family...they were brothers bound by that which is stronger than blood....they were bound by love.

They grew as brothers, as siblings under the quiet peaceful sun, with not a care in the world. But Fortune is blind and incompetent. Just as her wheel tips to the very peek, it will eventually crash with a mournful dirge to the very dungeon of the earth.

The star like child wished to introduce this little butterfly to his father, he wanted his father to acknowledge his brother, to love his brother, and care for him as he would his own show him the acceptance others gave sparingly.

In the summit of the great building, they sat and awaited his arrival, when night settled in, and darkness enveloped the sky. No light would work, all were off, all were out, and the entire building was dark. Angry people demanded explanations, people went out for the breeze to smoke or to pass the time. Fuses had blown, the electricity was out, but the darkness seemed more demonic. The boys sat shivering...shivering out of fear of the blackness that enveloped them.

They lit a million candles in attempt to escape it, a million little falmes placed to curb the darkness, but it seemed impossible as the shadows engulfed them. As the little butterfly-child placed the candle near the empty corner, a strange cold wind overcame him. Shivering, his hands cold and small, the light toppled upon the linoleum lined floors, and the flame grew to a monster, feeding on the darkness.

As the boys ran, they fell, the roof fell, and the floors fell the walls fell. Stuck under the debris, one could not be moved...the other sat, watching him as his world fell to ash, as screams echoed into the night. His own home one floor below, his parents the others were eaten but the flames. He sat still with his brother, crying for lack of strength...till he ran. He ran to find help, to find courage, to find strength but most of all...he ran for their survival. Unfortunately Fortune's wheel had already pinned them to Death.

The Reaper took him away that night...the great Star never shined again. His wings ripped and his heart torn, the butterfly stayed with half-life, groveling in the dirt, with only the blackness as company.
Their names...yes, they had real names, and truely lived as children in the large green building...till the great fire seperated brother from brother...and father fom son...their names...Joseph Eric Dale and Aiden Jasper Rose.

The End

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