Chapter 4 Part 3Mature

Aiden seemed calm after, a little too silent, a little weary, but calm. He ate in silence, bathed a usual cold water bath, and softly crawled into the makeshift bed I had laid out for him. I thought it better for him to sleep with me that night. Like a little child, he needed to be comforted once the nightmare was most little children who suffer from the phenomenon, he just hadn't realized that he was already awake.

I stroked his head a little, while  he stared at me with large golden eyes.

"It’s time for you to sleep." I whispered, as I attempted to leave. He clutched tightly to my shirt. "What is it, Aiden?" I asked. He remained silent for a few minutes.

"You didn't tell me." He murmured, "why are you sad today?"

I sighed. I wouldn’t enjoy telling the story, but his eyes, they watched me, pleading me to tell, like he needed to hear it.

"Not today, Aiden."

"Today." He answered, "Now."

"I'll cut it short, OK?" Slightly hesitant he agreed to my conditions. Hevey hearted, and a little weary,I began...

"There was once a business man, who lived in a tall green building with his son. I was the business man. I was often out of town, for work reasons, and left my son alone at home. You see...He was a brilliant boy. He could care for himself, and was possibly more understanding than most of the adults around him. He'd  have landed up taking care of the nanny if I had hired one. He shined like a star, and shared his light with anyone who would let him, but he was poor at making friends, and those he did manage to ensnare were never very close.

I remember, I was on a business trip, when, I got a usual call from my son. He was so happy to have met a friend, he wanted me to meet him. He wanted me home quickly. He sounded so excited and hyper, that it made me happy too. See, I was always afraid my little Joseph would land up all alone, so knowing he made a friend, was a blessing. I finished my work and took the first flight out.

When I look back now, I'd say Joseph would have been your age if he was still around, with great big golden eyes, and long messy black hair...But...I never got to see him grow up. The wretched fire took him away. The entire building burned, even a bit of the downstairs garden burned down. The firemen's ladder wasn’t greased, it wasn't slideing out properly, Joseph was on the top floor. I panicked. I ran inside to get him. I was stranded on the third floor.

They got both me and my son out, son didn't survive. The fire was terrible. The family in the flat bellow us left their child orphaned, those on the tenth floor suffered massive injuries and they say a woman had a miscarriage because of the poisonous air. It was a foul fire. A very bad day.” I stopped. Aiden seemed emotionless to a point where it was slightly disturbing.

“Your son…his name was…Joseph Dale?” he asked…his voice deep and sullen.

“Yes.” I answered wearily as he rose from his bed and walked to the window.

“Oh.” He whispered. He turned to look at me, his face seemed much older, creased and worn away. He seemed to have transformed into…someone else.

“I’m going to tell you a story now.” He leaned against the frame and looked out the window at the pouring rain, "Its not a very happy story." I sat and listened.


The End

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