Chapter 4 Part 1Mature


What was wrong with me! How could I do that to him, huh? HOW? No matter how upset I had been...I shouldn't have done that.

I knew a lot about Aiden, we’d spent so many days together, I had gotten a fairly good concept of his psyche. He was erratic, unpredictable and confusing, his mood swings were fitful and excessive, but he was simply hurt. He was a good boy, sweet and oblivious, who wanted the affection that the world refused to give him…and I had just shunned him away just as the rest of them had.

Pacing my apartment back and forth, still dressed for a funeral, I began to contemplate. I couldn’t just leave things the way they were…but what would he do if I went back now…or …what would he do if I didn’t. I didn’t want to think about it. I had two options, to go…or wait. Soon, my options were narrowed down to one.  A glass shattering scream penetrated from above into my apartment. The only tenant currently occupying a room right above me was Aiden.

Panic swelled in my gut, as adrenaline took over my every muscle. It wasn’t out of a conscious decision, but compulsion, like a reflex, that I ran to him. The adrenaline, still hot in my veins, allowed me to simply knock back the door like it was made of twigs.

“Aiden!” I yelled running in the hall. At that second, my feet…my heart…my lungs… every organ in my body stopped. Dread welled up inside me. There was a shard on glass stained with blood…there was blood drops on the floor…the worst possible outcome…he was dead. I didn’t let myself lose hope to a possibility. I couldn’t, not yet.

Running to his room, I immediately saw him curled in the middle, pale as winter snow and severely hyperventilating. He was having a panic attack. Immediately, I lifted him in my arms to get him to a safer place…possibly my house. It would be easier to treat him there. The gash on his arm was smaller than I expected. It was deep, but not deep enough to need stitches. No major arteries were severed. I only allowed myself a single sigh of relief before carrying him away downstairs.

His body temperature stabilized, as did his breathing, but his eyes stayed firmly shut, his body unconscious, but if I didn’t know any better, I’d have guessed he was sleeping. He looked so sweet sleeping, so mundane and peaceful. Though, more than anything else…he looked safe. I was glad…he seemed so soothing. Softly caressing his forehead, I waited for him to wake up.

The End

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