Chapter 2 Part 3Mature

When I looked upon the face of that boy, I felt like I was looking into the eyes of the deceased. His golden eyes stared into the abyss, at the absolute nothingness. They were the eyes of a boy who knew death.

My heart gave a startling jump. I could hear it beating in my chest, faster, I could feel my lungs expand, till they were almost at bursting point, and then shrivel, like a prune and crush themselves into nothing. The sweat slowly crept down my arms.
 He was nothing like him. Nothing like my Joseph was. My Joseph was a happy boy. He always smiled and played strange games with imaginary objects, while making up weird stories and running about the playground sharing them with all those who lent their ears. His hair was dark, deep brown , while this kid's was almost white, and my son's eyes were the very epitome of life and joy...this boy’s portrayed only that of a skeleton and seemed my son had left his mark on him.

He looked at me briefly before muttering, "I am Aiden...I am thankful to you...thankyou."

I took him by the hand, and walked him slowly to his new home. It was strange, like my heart took the wheel and began to steer my mind in a completely odd direction, it was a decision it made without my permission, it was a decision I would not was simple... it was not going to leave this boy to die, or allow him to make my house his tomb. Not like I did Joseph.  I doubt it could bear to watch another child, left in my care, be buried within the Earth. I could not watch him burn.

I did not know how to save him. I had forgotten how to love. I did not understand how to care for him...but still...I could try. I could force my heart, nerves and every sinew in my body to try, and perhaps that will make the difference. Perhaps with that force, I can save him.

The End

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