Chapter 2 Part 2Mature

7 years earlier...

"Eric...I’m so sorry, I came as soon as I could...I'm so sorry Eric...I’m so sorry..." Her voice was strained. The deep regret and anxiety was painted within the very depth of her eyes.

"Where is he sister...where is he..." He looked into her deep mournful eyes. The tears burst forth into rivers flowing down her cheeks. He looked up at the white ceiling. The constant beeping of the monitor distracted him. He could not fathom why she was so upset. "I’m fine sister, just a few burns...see? Nothing else..." He reassured her. "Don't cry now. Just tell me where Joseph is...where is my son?"

"I’m so sorry Eric...They got him out. They did...but the smoke, and the burns it was too much...I’m so sorry...really I’m so sorry...Eric..." He looked at her for moment, confused and unable to comprehend the situation at hand.

"Liar...He was fine. He was breathing...he was fine..." His disbelief caused her more anxiety, the monitor began to sound faster. "Why would you lie that sister...I always knew you were a wretched bitch...but...that’s too far." He spat.

"Brother, I'm so..."

"Please...just shut up..."

"Listen to me, Eric, just listen to me, please, I know it's difficult, but..." The desperation and anguish in her voice was magnifed.

"I said SHUT UP"

"Eric, there is nothing they could have done..."

"Shut up... shut up..." He mummbled

"Eric, would you listen to me, please, don't.."

" SHUT UP! Get out! GET THE HELL OUT!" He yelled.

His sister stared deep within his maddening eyes. 

"I TOLD YOU TO GET THE HELL OUT!" He screamed, ripping out the wires attached to his chest and lunging for his sister’s throat. " YOU LITTLE BITCH I SAID GET OUT! YOU LIAR! YOU DAMN LIAR!"

The nurses, immediately alarmed by the desperate cries of the machine, surrounded the little man. Nurses doctors, common people, strapping him down tying him to the bed...

"LIAR! YOU FUCKING LIAR!" He yelled as she was escorted out of the room. He felt the pain only for a second, a slight shot in the arm...and then...utter darkness. The doctors contemplated their descision to sedate him..but there was little they could have done. 

Till the day of his son's funeral...he was in a delusional state of disbelief...and even for a long time after...but time heals all wounds, even the deepest most irrepairable ones... the only thing it leaves behind are the horrific scars.


"I lost my ability to nurture someone; I had lost the strength to love..."

The End

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