Chapter 2 Part 1Mature


If it’s for my sister, I have to do it. It’s how we were brought up. She wanted free lodging for I had to give in. There was no other choice at hand. I did wonder why on earth she'd take up such a risky kid in the first place. She wasn't the "motherly" kind of woman...probably never could be.

"I thought he'd take care of himself! Taking in kids from a shelter really boasts your image you know! Just...didn't think he would be...such a problem!" She had answered. 

It’s always been like that with her. Everything she does has to have the "make up" effect, covering all the black spots and hidden imperfections like a concealer, making her seem like more than what she really was. She forgot one small detail...she always seemed to forget it...
People do not always function as well as good “makeup”.

I was obviously agitated. I had about as much ability to "care" for someone as a spoon. I lost my ability to nurture someone; I had lost the strength to "love". I knew if I just "leave him there!" as my sister suggested, he'd make the apartment into his morgue. Whether my child or someone else’s, I have a human heart...I have a conscience that would ache if I simply stood and watched him degenerate into nothing. It wasn’t an option for me.

When I saw the taxi march up to the building, I immediately became flustered. Confusion, frustration, anxiety, all began to build up in my muscles, causing me to break out in a cold sweat. Fiddling with my fingers, I wondered..."how do I even introduce him to the flat? …What do I say? …How do I put it to him? …If I say something wrong? " Then...I saw his face. My muscles slowly relaxed, and that innate human intuition that like instinct seems to crop up at the most unseemly time softly murmured in my ear, "Everything will be alright."  


The End

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