New Scars

Six months had passed since Afro woke up in the Ghost's hideout. A cleverly disguised collapsed building. However the Ghost had created his own little world inside the ruined building.

There was everything here, a stash of spray from when he left to look for supplies. A hydrophonics farm for his own healthy vegetables. Afro noticed he began to evolve as well. When he first woke up he was cut pretty badly, the Ghost had stitched him back up. The beginnings of a few tattoo's now adorned his arms, and a back tattoo had covered up one of the more brutal scars on his back. He carried himself differently as well. His cropped hair was now a wild afro, the business appropriate goatee was now a long beard. Of course six months without a desire for a razor did wonders. Ghost had arranged for him to be inked up. At least it would be harder for the Litpols to find their wayward agent.

There was one thing that seemed to keep Afro's interest now, street art. Ghost passed that along as well. He had taught Afro the art style. He greedily absorbed everything to do with the technique. Often practicing in the same room until all hours of the night. Finally the parting of ways ended up with a now different Afro leaving the Ghost's hideout to create his own hotel. The two artist's had agreed they'd never encounter eachother again. However they'd keep the contest alive by ensuring their art was in view of eachother. The competition ran for a year before Afro stopped seeing the Ghost's pieces on the wall.

Afro had heard about more law's being passed. Musicians and artists were vanishing day by day. He became less and less concerned about them, those people weren't real anymore. As long as he remained free that's all that mattered. Him and Reeza, he had realized the ferret was a great assistant. Plus she could carry on a better conversation then the rest of the world.

Then he ran into Ash, and everything went sideways..


The End

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