The Soul of a Girl

Asheyna pressed her face against the cool glass of the train window. It was good to sit, the day had been so different than she'd wanted. She bit her lip as she considered Robyn's condition. Sudden blindness was rare, and with no trauma or any other noticeable event, she sighed.

Looking around the car she noticed a strip of jerky beside her. Before LitPol, before she'd left everything behind she was a strict vegetarian. That had become harder and harder. Even cooking vegetarian meals was considered "art". She held back a giggle, she'd had a tendency to get creative with her dinner.

Afro was awake and looking at her. She got up and sat down next to him. He was half bent over a black book, pens and felts scattered on the other side of the bench. He flipped it to another page before she could glance down at his current project.

"This is my black book, think of it as a street artist bible. We use it to find inspiration, we work on projects, we get autographs or other artwork from other street artists. We then create our own stuff with their ideas as well. He paged to a cat girl leaving her signature by carving her name into the wall, "This is done by a girl in Jersey, she was known for tagging her name into the highest points in the city. We fell out of touch a while back, hope she is still allright." He paged to another section, here's my tribute to her. He illustrated the same cat girl but with sharper edging, a sign of Afro's own style. Instead of the pink pigtails the previous catgirl had, it was an Afro. She had carved the words "We will never die," in place.

"That's really amazing, I wish I could do street art, I could never control the can very well," Afro grinned, he picked up a few caps from his pack along with a single can of black spray, and his black book.

"Never heard a reason not to learn, come on, I'm sure there's a freight car around here." He stood up and shifted his gear to one side and extended a hand down to her.

Ash looked up at his face, the idea of creating had shed any of the last restraint and he radiated pure joy. She knew exactly how he felt, the opportunities to release the artist's soul grew harder and harder to find.

They found a nearly empty storage car at the end of the train. Afro pulled off the top of one of the cans and gave her the quick rundown of how it worked before handing her the can. She looked at the "P" design he'd quickly tagged on the wall in amazement. It was so fast, so off the cuff.

She bit her lip, trying to decide what to paint for her first piece. Don't think about it! She told herself, she felt happy so she giggled a little to herself and pressed down the top of the can. A smiley face appeared on the wall, she was happy, and it was the perfect representation of that.

Her first street art, the joy rushed over her and she was struck by the oddity of the situation. Turning to Afro she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and hugged him close. As she pulled away she noticed him blushing, he gathered his stuff and quickly left the car, muttering something about checking on Reeza.

Ash moved to follow him but noticed his black book lying on the ground and flipped to the last page.

Her own face starred up at her. But it wasn't the face she presented to the world. The long flowing hair mingled with a gypsy dress, the face was calm and full of creativity... she bit back a tear. That hadn't been her in a long time, it pained and comforted her to know that it still existed in her somewhere. She wondered how he had seen it, and marveled at his talent in capturing her spirit. She took in the rest of the design, the delicate tribal wings reaching outwards and holding a single word out for the world "Hope".

Wiping back the tears she fought to control her breath. She'd given up so much, she kept losing parts of herself. Every day they fought she lost a little more.

As she looked back at the sketch of her soul she had hope, for the first time in ages, that this was a war that they could win.

The End

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