The freak, the ferret, and the finale

James sat in the dusky club. This was where he was told to be. He gently ran his hand across the new inks on his shoulders. Something about the sticky pain that trailed along made him feel alive.

He ran a hand through his rapidly growing hair, maybe he'd let it get longer? He wanted to blend in, for as long as possible anyways. The litpols noticed him, a data monkey for some undercover work. He was given permission to get some ink and grow his hair out a bit, in order to blend in a bit more with the other side.

The Other side...

All his life, James had just been an onlooker. The life of the data drone bored him beyond belief. The highlight of his day was passing by the mural on his way to work. The artist who originally painted the wall was dead and gone, apparently he was a large Samoan man who somehow could go unnoticed while he worked.

"Hey Afro boy," he felt a hand rustle his hair. A slender woman sat down beside him, she was the musician who led him to this bar. A bar that by the end of the night would be reduced to nothing. The litpols were already in position.  Cassandra placed an albino ferret on the table along with a few pieces of jerky.

"Hey," James said nothing further. She had started calling him Afro due to the puffy nature of his hair once he'd stopped buzzing it.

"Come on! Even if Reeza can be relaxed around all these people. So can you!" She grinned as the ferret had become content to perching back on her shoulder.

"Sorry feeling a little odd," she smiled as she gently kissed the side of his face.

"You're still up for being here with me right?" she gestured to the stage. He smiled as she got ready for her set.

"Yea..." He tried to remain optimistic, maybe he could get her out in time? Would she believe him? Worse yet if he told her, what would happen next?

A flash of light roused Afro back to present time. He gently rubbed the side of his face as if reliving that fateful kiss.

The End

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