Black ArtsMature

A true story about a quest for actual witchcraft.

Theoretical physicists have contemplated the existence of something called negative information for years now.  When normal information enters your brain, it increases your knowledge.  So when you hear a piece of negative information, they theorize, your knowledge instantly decreases.  They say that in order for the universe to exist, negative information must be real.  Although so far, no one has been able to produce an example of it.  

I guess the closest analogy I could think of would be those noise cancelling headphones.  The sound of a jack hammer batters your eardrums from one direction, and an exact inverse sound wave is pumped through a set of earplugs.  Despite all these sound waves blasting your head at a thousand decibels, all you perceive is a whispering silence.  

So could there really be an utterance of ideas that could zap the very memories from your brain?  What would the words sound like, and what else could they do?  Could they cancel your conscience?   Would they be able to turn your morals into white noise?  Could they even steal your soul, (whatever that is)? We’re talking about magic spells here.  Witchcraft.  

When i was eight, I saw my chubby older sister touch our dogs penis.  I don’t mean an accidental brush.  I mean she peeled back his hairy little sheath, and fist-fucked his slick pink wiener until he squirted doggie cum.  The look in her eyes was pure lust.  That’s where this odd quest for magic words first started.  When I first remember wanting to forget.  

The End

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