'Tis Sir Edward's Way

Three bobbies were fencing in the scene in their well-groomed, well-polished uniforms, standing as pillars of resolve against the curiosity seekers that might happen that way.  inspector Basil Smithson of Scotland Yard was already at work, dictating notes to his younger underlings and directing them for courses of investigation they ought to follow. When Sir Edward and I approached, the bobbies nodded in dignified respect for the old boy, while Inspector Smithson gave his reluctant invitation for us to approach.

You see, Sir Edward was looked upon as a relic of another era by the now scientific forensic specialists of the present.  Sir Edward was a stubborn fetish of the Queen's renowned loyalty.  It was Her Royal Highness who demanded that Sir Edward be always involved in these palace crimes. 

It all went back to the War, the Great War that is WW II, when a strapping young man named Corporal Eddie Blackthorne was assigned to keep watch over the King, the Queen's father, King George. In the process of conducting that security detail,  the young soldier became the confidante that shy and accidental King, a friend to a man who had no friends.  Also, it was that strong young corporal who once saved the young Princess from a passing motorcar, when the Queen was but a girl of sixteen.  It was that handsome corporal in his perfect fitting uniform who looked so dashing to a young princess first feeling the feeling of womanhood. 

Now the Queen had grown matronly and majestic, Sir Edward had grown well-seasoned and quite comfortably wise. 

I always addressed him as Sir Edward while always called me Young Mister Mallory.  I am not sure know why he referred to me in such a way.  Maybe, it was a way that he could cling to the fraying fabric of  a more genteel time that had long since faded from this world, except in these few rare men who still walked about in tweed jackets and who tipped their hats to ladies.  My world, my workaday existence was the task of keeping Sir Edward  in touch with the world that was racing forward and the keeping of this world in touch with men like Sir Edward.



The End

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