Black and Red Bruises

A poem I wrote one night when I was seriously depressed and it explains four people in my life

 I feel these icy cold tears roll down.

I open my mouth but there's no sound.

My heart's broken, bleeding, and shattered.

I guess I never really mattered?

All these soulless little pathetic creatures. 

I hate how I remember all your features. 

You ripped this hole right into my chest. 

Until my heart's returned I will never rest. 

You may think this is about you but it's not. 

It's the voices in my head so I had to talk. 

I always seem to be surrounded by darkness. 

I'd shoot you in the head because your heartless.

I know my words probably mean nothing to you. 

After everything you did I always stayed true. 

So I sleep alone tonight with one little regret. 

I'd take back a million moments so we'd never met.

The End

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