Last Chapter- The Diary

Gin ransacked his room like a mad man, toppling every, shelf and book he could find. He then moved to the living room, scratching, tearing, and trashing the place like a natural disaster, “A key, but a key to what! What the hell’s going on” he thought. He continued tearing down his house, till he reached his mothers room. He hadn’t entered her room since she had died. He placed his hand shakingly on the door handle, and turned it slowly. He entered the room, and looked upon his mother’s untouched bed. A small book sat at the edge of the bed. It was old, and overgrown with dust, and spider’s webs. It spelt ‘Diary’ at the top. Gin picked it up in his hands, and turned it too its side. A small pad lock sealed the diary. It required a key. Gin took the key from his pocket, and placed it in the lock. The lock opened. Gin stared at the cover before opening the book. On the first page was written his mother’s name- ‘The Dairy of Amelia Marigold Camphor’

“Ma’s middle name.....was Marigold.” He whispered to himself. “Why didn’t I know that? Why did I never ask?” He muttered as he held the book tightly to his chest, and smiled, as the tears came tickling down his cheeks.


“Marigold? I’m sorry Ginat, but I don’t recall a student by that name.” The old secretary explained to Gin, when he asked if Mari had left school.

“Her name should be in the record files, please check, madam.” He pleaded with her.

“I’m sure you heard of the fire in the main office, all the records were burned to a cinder. Unless she is currently studying here, I cannot help you.” She looked sympathetically at Gin.

It took Gin some time to realize, that the entire school seemed to have forgotten of her existence. To them, she had never been. He continued his quiet existence at the corner of the classroom, wearing blue, denim jeans, a dark green shirt, and white sneakers.

 “I promised.” He thought to himself, as he stared at the gabbling colonies of girls.”I promised I would live.” Nothing had changed, the girls would gossip, the loners would read, and the nerd would be beaten to a pulp. A familiar twinge of gilt pinched Gin's guts, as he looked at the band of boys driving a classmate, Nama, into a corner. It was their daily ritual. 

“Nothing I can do.....nothing I can do...nothing I can do....”He told himself the sooth the growing gilt.

“There is something you can do...there is something you can do...there is something you can do” His conscience countered. He watched the boy get kicked to the ground.

“What?” He asked himself, as he got of his chair, and walked towards the boy. “You know the answer don’t you? Keep your promise, do what is right.” He told himself, with a sly smile on his face.

Nama flinched slightly, as Gin intercepted the larger boy’s fast falling fist. The boy stared at him puzzled, so did the rest of the gang.

“Leave.”Gin growled in the most menacing voice he could muster. That was all it was all it took to make them run, screaming out the building. To the students of this school, Gin would always be ‘Black’ no matter what he wore.

He gave out his left hand to the cowering Nama. Through the short sleeves, the crimson gashes were as visible as black ink, staining a white sheet of paper. Nama stared at the length of his arm, before, scrambling to his feet, and running, looking back his shoulder, to see if Gin was following. Gins heart sank as he made his way back to class.

During lunch, he visited the roof of the school. He stood at the ledge and stared at the ants playing football bellow.

“I know”he murmured to himself“stay away from the ledge.” He sat on the ground and looked up at the sky. He heard the terrace door creek open. Noisy footsteps clashed on the stone floor. The noise stopped. He looked down to see Nama’s thin figure staring at him.

“I..I’m um....sorry,” He stuttered, “I thought the only one know...came up here to eat lunch.” He held out his packed lunch box, almost apologetically, then unsurely turned away. He stopped after walking two steps, and turned back to Gin. “Do mind if I sit and eat here...with you?” He asked, as his ears turned red.

Gin smiled slightly, “Sure.”

“Oh,”Nama continued as he sat next to Gin, “thanks know...earlier today.” He seemed overly shy.

“It’s ok.”Gin answered.

“Oh! Ya!” He jumped, “You want some of my lunch? a thankyou!”He looked almost exited as he shoved the large box of assorted meats and cream puffs in Gin’s face. “My ma always packs too much. She says I need to grow big and strong, but I can’t eat it all....of course usually I never get to eat any, those guys take it after beating me up.”

“I can see why!” Gin giggled as he greedily stuffed his face. It wasn’t long before the box was almost empty. Gin lay his hand on the last cream puff, before looking at Nama. Nama had a slight smile on his face, his ears had gone red. “ got a little something on your left cheek, and your chin....and your nose.....and your forehead, maybe you should just wash your face.” He stifled a laugh.

“Sorry, I forgot breakfast.”

“No problem!” Nama seemed to be enjoying this. He picked up the cream puff Gin had put down, and began nibbling at it.

“Hey, you want to come by to my place later, play some video games....there‘ll be loads of food too.” He continued nibbling at the cream puff, his eyes on the floor, his face had gone red, and he scratched his head as he fidgeted with his feet. “Only if you want to come that is. Ma always asked me to get friends but....Unless I’m not a friend, which I understand, but...if we are...well...” He had become inarticulate again. He seemed nervous.

“I’ll wait for you outside the school gates then.”

“OK!” Nama’s brown eyes went wide, and his lips parted to form a toothy grin.


- Life, its so wiered, I guess I'll stick around just to try and figure it out.-

                   -Dairy entery of Ginat Camphor.  April 10th 2011.

P.S- Thankyou for your dairy Mari.  





The End

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