Gin stared at the dark walls of his room; trying to comprehend Mari’s last words, till his mind became too tired to think and he fell into uncomfortable sleep. That night he dreamed a strange dream. A dream so real, it was almost as if his body had migrated to a different dimension in his sleep.

‘Gin sat in a field of wild flowers. He could feel the taller and sharper pieces of grass pricking his feet as he walked towards a little image nearby. Mari stood waiting to greet him with her usual smile. She did not speak, just took his hands and left a small key in his palm. “You promised” she whispered, as she kissed him on his forehead. He squeezed his eyes shut, and on opening them once more, she had disappeared. In the distance he could see the back of a woman walking away, with a familiar white dress, and her golden hair tied back in a braid.

“Ma!” he whispered as he stared at the back of his mother disappear into the vast blue sky.’

Gin woke up with a start. He looked bewildered around his room, before, relaxing his shoulders. “Just a dream.” He whispered as he raised his hand to wipe the sweat of his forehead. He felt something cold, hard and metallic graze his forehead as wiped his hand across it. He looked at his palm, to find a small silver key inside it.


The End

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