“Did you hear? Did you hear?!”They called in the corridors at break. “The Main office caught fire!”

“It caught WHAT!?” The others yelled in surprise.

“Fire; everything’s gone!” The first replied. “All the documents, applications, records, all burned to crisps!” They all gossiped about the affair.

“Na, the stupid coping machine caught fire, so the principal is not dead. Short circuit I think.” The fire was the most important affair in their lives at the moment.

Fires don’t matter.” Black thought as sat and stared at the blank yellow wall. “Nothing matters. It’s all obsolete” He sat at his bench, disturbingly still. He watched from the corner of his eyes, the small groups and cliques of children, blabbering about the recent fire; the loners and singletons walking along with their head buried in their books, and a skinny kid, Nama, getting beaten up by some of the heavier boys. A twinge of guilt pricked him at the sight of Nama, and that of envy for the rest of the gabbling lot. A mixture of envy..... And disgust. He pushed away his seat, and lightly raised himself. The gesture had not gone unnoticed.

“Murderer.” They muttered in the corridors, as he glided past the crowds avoiding the death glares and scared eyes of the others.

“ You’re despicable.” The bolder ones would whisper.

“He’s the one,” he heard them whisper to the new children, “he’s the kid who killed his own mother! ” the crowed broke out in gasps.  "Stay far, far away from him, and you'll be alright."They nodded in unison. All, exept one.

“What a mean and horrid thing to say!” the little voice blurted out, echoing through the corridors. The rest began to silence and crowd around where the scene was about to take place.

“I’m telling you for your own good, girly, stay clear of that guy, “whispered the other obviously trying to keep his voice down. “He’s a cold blooded animal!”

“You are a big mean liar!” the girls voice resonated through the corridors. “How can you think, or even imagine a person hurting their own momma! It could only mean you are a horrid, evil, disgusting person!”

“How dare you! You little twerp! You calling me a liar and all those other things, when I’m being so good here and protecting you!”

“You’re spreading such rude and horrid rumours! How you would like it, if you’re momma was no more and every one blamed it on you! Or are you so horrid, that it would seem perfectly fine to you; you creepy little cockroach face!”

“I suggest you show your elders a little respect you disgusting little ...” His hand was balled up in a tight fist, and raised it to the level of his head. The little girl squealed and covered her face in a feeble attempt to protect it, readying herself for the impact. She shut her eyes tight, but the hit never came. She heard a pained scream from the boy who was about to hit her. She dared to peaked to see the boy crumpled to his knees, his hand being held in an uncomfortable position behind his head, by a boy, dressed in black. 

Black dared not say a word. He simply let go of the boy after a good deal of pleading; took a quick glance at the little girl and turned to walk away, with a quickened pace.

No, no, no, no, NO! What the hell is wrong with me! I don’t owe her anything! Why? Why? WHY?! I should have let it happen! She spoke; it was her own free will. I don’t know her; I don’t want to know her, she should take responsibility for her own stupidity. She’ll just get hurt now, and it’ll be my fault. It was my fault. It’s always my fault. I couldn’t watch it all over again. I couldn’t know that another was hurt because of me again. But now, they will hurt her. Because she got too close to me. She will get hurt. They always do. I’m disgusting. I’m horrible. I should just die.” Black stood at the terrace of the school, looking tiny objects and unrecognisable shapes bellow. “I just got to lean a little in the front; just a little. And it will be over. I won’t hurt anyone anymore. They’ll be safe. I’m monster, I don’t belong here.” He edged dangerously close to the railing; then began to swing his legs over it. He stood and looked down. No one had noticed him standing at the very ledge of the eight story building. He leaned forward. He could feel the momentum building in his body, his feet losing grip on the frail ledge. He wanted to spread his arms out, to 'Go out with style', acting like a bird or something. It would make them laugh.

It stopped. Something held him tight. Some kind of physical force held on to his jacket. It was a small pale hand; the hand of a slight, frail little girl. It wouldn’t let him fall.

“Please, don’t stand so close to the edge.” Her small voice spoke. “You may hurt yourself.”

Her eyes were blissfully unaware of his intention, or so she made it seem. Anyone else would have guessed immediately, but she was too innocent, too nieve.

“Crap!” he screamed in his head.

“What the hell is your problem? Im not forceing you to go over the ledge!” he looked with hostility at the frail figure, and he moved back over the railing.

“Just don’t want you to hurt yourself.” She answered softly, a tint of pink blushed against her translucent skin. “Actually, I wanted to thank you for saving me. My name is Marigold; by the way, what’s yours?” She asked with a smile, as sweet as the Mari gold flowers that grew in the garden bellow.

“My name?" He confirmed.

"Yup!" She answered" Unless you've forgotton, which would be terrible, but it would be a fun adventure looking for it!" Her smile was beautiful. There was a moment of absolute silence.

"...its Gin, short for Ginat.” he answered much to his own surprise.


The End

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