Diary Entry of Marigold

Hello New diary!

Marigold here, reporting for duty! I am right now in a pretty little city called Munni, and today is my first day of school, which by the way, I am hideously late for! It’s not like I’m trying to bunk my very first day, in fact I’m so excited I woke up 3 hours early just to get ready. But daddy has to take me to school (I don’t know where it is, and I have a very bad sense of direction.), and he’s still asleep. I don’t have the heart to wake him up. He’s always working so hard for me, and he looks so tired, that I just can’t do it! I can’t! I can’t! I can’t!! I can already tell; when he wakes up, he’ll look at me all confused like, scratch his head, and say, “you got your ma’s brain alright!” I like to think I got ma’s brain. She went to a world far beyond our own, a few years ago and I like to think she left something with me. I once had a dream, in which I was abducted and taken to a pink hospital, run by fairies, who were magically transferring my ma’s brain into me. There were a lot of flashing lights and glitter! I was real happy when I got up that morning! But I’m going of topic! Sorry! I tend to babble. Grandma used to say that I babble so much that if I was kidnapped, the kidnapper would be so fed up of my rambling, that he would pay daddy to take me back! Ha-ha!!

Anyway, back to my new school. I hope I can make good friends here. You see, I’m three years younger than my class, (I’m 12) since I skipped a few grades, so not many people liked me in my old school. But this school looks so much more scrumptious! The walls are bright yellow, and the sun just dances like little hyper pixis(the ones who drunk too much coffee), bouncing of the windows doors; desks and chairs, and bald teacher's hair! Plus, there is a huge green lawn outside, with trees and pretty red flowers, a few toughs of daisies and a small sprinkle of bell flowers and Morning-Glories! It’s so beautiful, and picturesque.I do hope there is someone I can be good friends with!

Oh! Daddy’s awake! There he blows, yelling at his alarm clock again. I hate it when daddy uses bad words to yell at his alarm clock! I’m going to yell at daddy for saying such mean things to his alarm clock! It has feelings too you know, and I’m sure it didn’t mean to sleep in! Mr. Alarm Clock was probably just as tired as daddy!

Well then Goodbye for today Mr. Diary, and sorry for my randomness, and slight stupidity. Daddy says that I have the brain of a genius and the mind of a four year old! So before the Babblers attack my mouth, I shall say Bye bye!

The End

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