A boy, struck by the tragidy of his mothers murder is forced to face life with the constant blame of his mothers death on his shoulders. The burden, proving to heavey for the child, brings about a swirl of depression and confusion to his life. Just as things seem to dive to the world seems to hard to bare, a littl ray of sun light beams into his dark world.

Don’t come near me. Stay away. Don’t look at me. Leave me alone. I’m disgusting.           

 They hate me. I know they do. They whisper about me, and crawl away from me, I can’t blame them. I always hurt the ones I love, the ones who get too close to me. So stay away. Don’t come near me I don’t want to hurt you too.”



Very few knew the boys real name. Most just called him “Black” because of the clothes he wore. Black jeans and a black zipped up, long sleeved huddy, coupled with black leather gloves and black boots. He sat at the back of the class, at the very edge seat in a dark corner, where his eyes would be trained in concentration on the wall. No one would sit next to him, or even in front of him. They hated him, they feared him.

“They say he killed his own mother!” They said.

“Why isn’t he in jail?!” The conversations would follow

“He was acquitted. Lack of evidence, but everyone knows it was him.”

It was the rumors that kept them away from him. The rumors that kept him isolated. The rumors he himself believed.



I ran. I should have been there. I would have seen the murderers face. I wouldn’t have let him kill her. Why did I listen to her? Why did I run? It was my fault. I’m so pathetic. I’m useless. I don’t want this life anymore. I’ve had enough. This place, it’s so dark. It’s so alone. I want to leave. I want to cry. I want it to stop hurting. Why does this hole keep growing? It pains so much. Make the pain go away. …I need it. I need my knife. I need to see my blood. I need to know if I’m alive or perhaps in a nightmare. I need to feel that pain. It stills the agony of the monsters that claw at my sanity.

Why don’t I just die? I have no one to live for. No one will cry. I'll simply vacate a place in this world that could maybe be utilized by someone better. Someone more loved or perhaps someone worthy of a life. …. I won’t go home today. I’ll never go home. I’ll end it once and for all.


The End

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