It had happened again. I'd had the same haunting dream. It was the same dream I'd had every night since the age of five. This time it had gotten to me worse then usual; Dragging me from bed, kicking and screaming, to the bathroom where I immediately doubled over to vomit in the sink. Retching noises sounding like a wild animal, that seemingly lasted for hours. Eventually, it stopped and I managed to shimmy out of my nightgown, and into the shower. I blasted the hot water, and slid down the wall, curling up in a fetal position. Squeezing my eyes shut, as the spray turned my skin a bright cherry red, hoping maybe I could wash away my memories. Unfortunately, I was wrong.The dream flickered behind my eyelids, as though it were projecting on a blank screen, numbing my senses, until I was right back there again. 

It was the 2nd of May, 2005. A perfectly sunny day.

    We were all in the kitchen; Mum, Dad, my twin sister Violet, and our brother Danny. It was the family tradition on Sunday mornings. Mum would help dad with the fry up, while us three would squeeze fresh orange juice.This particular Sunday began no differently to the rest. I remember the sun streaming through the floor to ceiling kitchen windows, circling Mum in an angel glow. Violet and I were chatting away about some new Bratz doll, or rather, dissing it as playing with Barbies were nothing we ever enjoyed as children. Like most twin sisters, we were inseparable. We would finish each others sentences, and could sense what the other was feeling, albeit we were 3 feet, or 3000 miles apart. We were so prone to one another, that people wondered if we were telepathic. Not to mention, we were identical, in every way possible. 

    But that serene picture changes, after the doorbell chimed its repetitive ding-dong. An eerie sense of dispair seemed to fall over the rest of us, as we counted Dads footfalls to the front door. What happened next didn't help the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach either.Dad sounded like he was on the verge of tears...and he was urgently pleading with the mysterious caller. ''Please, God, no. Not now, Don't do this, they're just kids. Please, not now, don't do this Jeremy, please, I'm begging you.'' We had a deal, Adam. You and your wife understood the meaning, when you signed that dotted line. Now you must keep your word'', hissed Jeremy. Dad, followed by Jeremy, joined us in the kitchen, where he walked straight up Mum and wrapped an arm around her. ''Hello again Karen, you haven't aged a bit since last time. You do have a beautiful home here, with the kids to match, so it seems'', he sneered. Mum said nothing, but she looked like she'd just had the wind kicked out of her.

    Jeremy began to pace in front of us. My siblings and I sat silently, watching him warily. After five agonizingly long minutes, his gaze finally rested upon me, standing stock still.''What is your name, child?'' he demanded. With an arrogant tone to match his, I stated my name was Adrianne, and that I was no child.With a raised eyebrow, and a fleeting grin, he began to preach.''The preamble for the Constitution states, that ''We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.''''To this our founding father, Mikhail Bakunin responded, ''The right to unite freely and to seperate freely is the first and most important of all political rights''.

    At this, he paused briefly, ''My dear child, you shall be part of the underground who thrives on the hope, and action for the new Revolution that shall bring Freedom for the People. We will over throw the Governments, with any means necessary, and you, Adrianne, shall play your part.''Mum let out a stifled cry, yet I was so transfixed on Jeremy, that it barely registered with me.I was frozen to my chair, as Jeremy moved forward, scooping me up under the arms, and began to carry me towards the front door. Danny let out a yelp, and began kicking, and biting his legs. My brain eventually caught onto what was happening, and I pummeled his back with punches. Hurting myself more then him. Nothing we did appeared to affect him, and he continued at a steady pace to his car. A silver, Toyota. 

    The dream ends suddenly, with the car disappearing down the driveway. I'm still screaming, and looking out the back window at my beloved family, gathered round on the porch.Mum looking like death was at her heels, perching a crying Violet on her hip. Dad's face looking like that of a broken mans, trying to still a fighting Danny.That was the last time I saw my family for almost ten years.

    We drove for well into the night, not a word shared between this complete stranger I knew as Jeremy and I. Just the echoing sound of the car door slamming finally, as I stepped foot on the ground, of what was to become my new home.

    ...I ended my shower, just as my alarm began it's wailing that could wake anyone from the dead, let alone sleep. I dressed in my normal black track bottoms, black sports tee and trainers. Tying my raven hair into a tight ponytail before grabbing my back pack, and making my way to the cafeteria for a light breakfast, before I'd begin my hour long training sessions. Like I said, mind set to kill, was everything.

The End

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