Adrianne White was your typical, happy five year old. Until the day the Director showed up and dragged her away from her perfect family.
Forced into a life she never asked for, Adrianne must fight for survival.

DNA. That's all that matters here. Nothing but the way you're wired. Just how your mind is set, which fits what job you want; most of the time. Rumor has it that you can ''Train your Brain'' to have the mind set you want. Bad thing about that is that you need to start at a young age so the brain can develop into that mind set.

Of course, this means the parents/guardians (or in my case, 'Elders) decides the mind set of the child. Not very fair, right?

In life, there are five main mind sets; each one with different jobs, all specified to that mind set.
1. Social mind set: This has jobs like retail, muscians, really anything that involves being around a large number of people.
2. Design mind set: This gives us our architects, fashion designers, artists and writers.
3. Leading mind set: This develops company CEO's, business owners: pretty much any job that requires one be in-control.
4. Following mind set: These jobs are anything that thrives on taking orders, such as taxi drivers, waiters, cashiers.
5. The mind set to Kill: This is used for jobs with the Army/Police force, security...but also for the darker influences of the world.
The 6th mind set that life tries to hide, is the Indefinite mind set. This is a mixture of Design, Leading and mind set to Kill.
The Indefinite mindset is for the intellectuals who rebel against the governments. There only goal to free the world from Capitalism and the Snakes that rule, and thieve.We are recruited by the Directorate of Elders, to bring the new Revolution for peace, whatever the cost.
My name is Adrienne White, and this is my story.

The End

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