Four years has passed since her disappearance left her community devastated and family still grieving. And the forever sixteen year old Nessa Pomeroy isn't bothered to angst anymore. Instead, she spends her days wandering and nights watching until her corpse was found in Laste Lake one night. 'Black + Blue' is the comedic mystery of one silly ghost who attempts to solve her own death with unfortunate circumstances.
Life is a mystery that only the dead can solve.


The black-haired guy led me into the man's office. My heartbeats quickened in pace, whether excitement or nerves I won't ever know. Maybe I would know what I was wrong with me. He knocked on the already-opened door and entered with me in hand. He was the first person who touched me without passing through, I think that was why I gripped it so tightly.

"Mr Conroy." He spoke then gestured to me. The one they called 'Mr Conroy' sat on his swivel chair behind his simple wooden desk, reading the newspaper. "She needs to see you." I gave a snide glance at him for his wording. I didn't need the man, I just needed answers. Mr Conroy's eyes faltered when he looked up at me and he muttered something his breath. Guy led the way in then I let go. Mr Conroy gave him a look, and he paused before turning to read through the bookshelf in the corner.

"What's your name?" He asked me once I sat down.

I didn't hesitate to tell him but he sunk into his chair after I answered. The uncomfortable silence between us grew. All he did was stare, looking sorry for me. "Sir, I feel like nothing." I told him. If he didn't want to start, then I would. "It's like I see without looking, everything is blurry for a bit and it's insane! I don't understand, sir. He says you've got answers. I want- I need answers."

He was still silent.

"Mr Conroy, I'm not asking for much. It's just...I'm lost right now like literally lost in every way. I know I'm in Darlington but It's like I can't find where I am. I know them but I don't! And it's so frustrating to try to say cause I can't ask any-"

"Nessa!" He stopped me before I could say anything else. Apparently, he had been trying to stop me between 'I am' and 'I don't.' He inhaled deeply then said. "You're the Missing Sister."

I paused. "I'm sorry, what?"

He didn't say anything. Instead he handed the newspaper to me as watched as my eyes widened, and my fingers balled into fist. "What?!" It was the only word I could ever say for two whole hours. Other than 'Liar' and 'F- you."

The End

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