You pour him another large sample of your wine, knowing that he will soon be sauced enough to demand to purchase as case of the most expensive wine you've got. He'll hand over his credit card, and never notice a thing.

Having got the man completely drunk you lead him over to yorur most expensive crate of wine.

"Here sir, I truly recommend you purchase this wine, It's the best there is and will only apreciate in value" you say.

"Oh ho! Well good sir let me perchance try a sniffle of this... drinky"

You pour him a glass, but just as you do he grabs the bottle and downs as much as he can before passing out.

You consider this perhaps not to be a bad thing and rifle through his pockets.

You suddenly realise that you forgot to internalise your previous dialogue and instead said it out loud. Monopoly man looks at you rather oddly.

You know him to be Lord Pincemby Smithe, who usually carries  around 8 thousand Euros at all times in case he wishes to make an outlanding purchase.

Strangely his pockets are empty.

The End

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