Bonus: The Empire d'Or

The most powerful of all of the nations is the Empire d’Or. With small pockets of land everywhere, and a large central territory on the sunny northwest coast of The Land. It is a highly ritualistic, deeply divided society. The richest in ‘The Empire’, as it is known, lead luxurious lives, waited on by hand and foot by the poor and the slaves. Arranged marriages are common, and respect to elders is absolute. Very few of the richest class ever leave their home cities, scared of what is behind the walls.

The craftsmen of the Empire d’Or are regarded as the best in the world. The leatherworkers, blacksmiths and tailors are sought after by the richest of all lands, and they are highly regarded by the people of The Empire. These men and women, and their families, make up the second tier of people in The Empire.

The lower classes are made up of servants, unskilled workers and the unemployed. Largely ignored by the ruling people, they are forced to live simple lives, often in dire conditions.

The capital city of The Empire d'Or is Oro City. Oro looks out onto the coast, with a beautiful sandy beach leading to the sea. The buildings have domed rooves, covered in an enchanted gold that never weathers.

Apart from the work of their craftspeople, the other main exports of the region are fine wines and sturdy fleets of ships.

The army is the strongest in the land, a ruthless band of fearless warriors, highly regimented and brutal in their conquering. This callous theft of land has made relations with other countries strained, especially as life in the colonies is hard for the natives. Lands are stripped of all resources, ruled with an iron fist and a strict penal code is enacted.

The Empire d'Or is in a constant war with those of the Tume lands. It distrusts those that it considers dark - the inhabitants of Tume are largely considered 'Dark Creatures' - werewolves, vampires, trolls and orcs. Any citizen of The Empire that is seen to be in leauge with these people is cast out, after being publicly shamed.

Sophie, the character you have just killed, is from the Emprie d'Or. A daughter of a senator, she has lived a sheltered life for her seventeen years. Her parents were in the process of finding a suitor for her eventual marriage.

The End

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