Keep walking

You close your eyes, and take several deep breaths. You know that the flowers are part of an enchanted trick, as were your feelings of delight and happiness. You knew it all along. You're very rarely happy. There are other things to worry about.

Snow begins to fall. Large, white flakes descend from the heavens. You catch one on your tounge. You had often read of people doing this in books, and were curious to try it. The snow is cold against your tounge, and you shiver slightly.

You are hungry. You reach into your bag, and your hand rests on a large bag of meat jerky. It is tough, and is probably several weeks past its best, but you have not eaten properly in a day, possibly longer, so you decide to eat it anyway. It is incredibly salty, and you cannot quite discern what meat it is. It tastes a bit like horsemeat.

You amble through the trees. You feel comfortable, but you know that this is just the affects of the magic wearing off. You bite your tounge, causing a sharp surge of pain, and a little blood escapes into your mouth.

'Hmm... Not too bad', you say to yourself. You stop walking for a second, confused. You have always hated the taste of blood. There must be something in this forest that is changing you.

You dig your hands into your pockets. The snow has made the air cold, colder than before. You look up, taking in for a second the wonder of snow. The sky is a stormy white-grey, and you cannot make out the snow from the clouds until it touches your skin. It contrasts with your dark skin.

You reach what appears to be a road. There are three paths you could take.

Do you...

Take the left path?

Take the center path?

Take the right path?

The End

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