Your hatred for the Tumi lands boils over, and you lunge at the man. You have no logical reason to do this, and you question it the second you spring up, but it does not matter. You are set on this path now. He is taken by surprise, and tries to swerve, but you manage to scratch him in the face. Adrenaline surges through his body, and you realise that he is a far superior fighter. He stands up, throwing you off him, and you fly back, skidding along the ground. You get up. This is for the honour of the Empire now.

You lunge at him again, but he pushes you off him with ease. On your way down to the ground, his fist knocks the injury on your shoulder, causing the clots to dislodge and blood to begin seeping out of it again. You cradle your injury, not noticing the man now charging towards you, an animalistic look of fury on his face. You turn your head, just in time to see his elbow collide with your chest, crushing your sternum. You feel the air fly out of your chest, and the man seems to change demeanour. He tries to fix what he has caused, but it is too late. You watch him fall to his knees, mouthing 'I'm sorry' over and over again. Your last breath leaves you, and everything goes black.


The End

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