Move on

You decide to move on. It would be good to cover some ground whilst there is still a little light. 

You can feel your shoulder tingling as the flesh and skin knit back together. It burns slightly, but you can deal with the pain.

It begins to snow. You hold out your hands, in an effort to catch some snowflakes. They are cool against your skin and the white of the snowflakes mesmerises you. You catch two at the same time, and decide to see if all snowflakes really are different. You hold them up to your eye, examining them closely. Whilst they do look similar, they appear to you to have several differences. 

You catch a glimpse in the ice of your reflection. You look tired, exhausted even, and the snow has fallen into your hair, giving you the appearance of really bad dandruff. You've always had a lot of hair. 

Darkness truly sets in very quickly. The sun dips below the treeline, and suddenly the forest goes black. Your eyes adjust slowly to the dark, however you are blind for several minutes. During this time, you wander aimlessly, walking into several trees as you do. Eventually, your sight adjusts, and you can make out vague outlines of the trees.

You hear silent footsteps behind you. They sound like they are running, perhaps towards you. You turn around to look, and see a forest elf, wielding its staff, coming towards you. You duck out of the way as it passes. It turns around, its face illuminated by the blue flame emitted from the top of its staff. 'You have disrespected our forest', it says. Its voice is powerful, commanding. 

There is a flash of blue. And then darkness.


The End

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