Climb a tree

You decide to climb a tree. It is always good to identify your surroundings when trying to rob a house, and you think that this is no different, really. You just have a different aim here.

You select a tall tree, that seems to rise above all the others. Its branches are sturdy and its bark is rough, cragged. It almost looks like a face. You begin your ascent, climbing quickly. You are nimble, despite your injuries. You are around half way up when the tree begins shaking violently.

'An earthquake, huh?' You think out loud. A voice answers you. 'No!' You are taken aback by this. Apart from the man you just robbed, there is no one else in this forest, as far as you could see. 'Who is there?' You call.

Suddenly, eyes appear in the bark of the tree. You almost fall off, but a branch flexes behind you, catching you, stopping your fall.

'You robbed that man there.' You are surprised that a tree is talking, and moreso that it is commenting on your morals, but you decide to go along with it. 'He looked weak. I suspect that he would not live past sunset. I have infinitely more use for his possessions.' The tree shuts its eyes, as if in deep thought. 'Weak? Coming from a girl that has a chunk taken out of her shoulder? Who was savagely attacked last night and couldn't defend herself?' You are taken aback by this. You did not ever think that you had been attacked. Surprised, perhaps. Savaged in your sleep, perhaps, but not attacked. Not in a fight. You've never lost a fight. 'Attacked by what? I don't believe you'. You realise that you sound slightly cocky, but you reason that you're talking to a tree, that it doesn't matter. The tree almost laughs. 'Well, you screamed most loudly. I believe that it was your friend down there, the one who you have, well, relievedof his clothing'. You are surprised, shocked in fact. The man is weak-looking and you know that you could easily beat him in a fight. 'Him? Are you serious?'. You think that trees cannot be serious. They are plants. Plants aren't clever enough to talk. Everyone knows that. 'He took on a much more deadly form with the night. Much like our planet, I suppose'. You did not expect a tree to be philisophical. 'He could not help it, mind you.'

You sit in silence, trying to work out what the tree means. The silence is broken by the tree. 'You see, I am a tree of morals. Stealing what that poor man had, climbing me simply for your own advantage, your past life?' The tree begins to cackle, its eyes turning a glowing red. It shakes violently, and you try to hold on, but to no avail.

You are dead before you hit the ground.


The End

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