Climb a tree

You decide to climb a tree. Getting off the ground would be good, and there may be food in the form of a bird's nest or some berries higher up. You decide on a magnificent pine tree, and you scale it slowly and carefully. You have not climbed trees since before your parents...

You cannot allow yourself to be caught up in such thoughts. You climb, higher and higher, until you reach the top of the tree. From here, you have a view of the whole forest. As far as the eye can see, trees cover almost every inch. In the near distance, you see a small log cabin, and further afield, you can make out a small town. You position yourself on a sturdy branch. Looking above you, you are dismayed to see that there is no food. No matter, you think, because you can get to the town tomorrow.

You drift off to sleep, feeling a newfound sense of drive and determination, and hope. Your dreams, for once, are happy.

You wake up. As you do so, you feel yourself tumbling through the air, falling quickly to the ground. You hear a crack as you hit the ground, and everything goes black.


The End

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