Continue walking

You decide that despite your tiredness, you must continue to walk, in the hope of finding civilisation. You walk through the pitch, your arms out in front of you, feeling where to go. As you feel your consciousness slipping, you feel warmth and see a light in the distance. Using the last ounce of your strength, you reach the source of the light. It is a small, ramshackle cabin. It is made of a dark wood, and there is a small pile of logs on the porch. There are two windows and a small door. It does not look to be in the best condition. There is a decidedly seedy air to the place. As you approach, the feeling of warmth overtakes you. The door is closed, but through the window you can see people. Outside on the porch is warm enough, but the people inside might have food.

Do you…

Knock on the door?

Sleep on the porch?

Continue to walk?

The End

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