Steal his clothes

Your days as a full time thief may be over thanks to your injuries, but this seems like an easy target. You begin by removing the man's boots. They are warm inside from the heat of his feet, but you do not see this as a bad thing. You slip off your boot, and replace it with the new boot, and at last clothe the other shoe. Sensation returns, and you wiggle your toes in delight. Realising that you should have put on his trousers beforehand, you carefully edge his trousers down his legs and take off your new boots. You duck behind a tree, lest he wake up, and put on the new trousers. They are thick, and as you slip them on you realise that they are fur-lined. This man was dressed for the cold.

Before taking it off, you rumage around the pockets of the coat you are wearing now. You become aware that it is not your coat, indeed, you have never seen it before, but this does not matter. There are a pair of thick socks, and some coins from the Tume lands. This guy was aligned with the dark forces, much like you are. You put the coins in the pocket of your trousers, and throw the coat to the ground. It is quite thin and very worn - the leather has holes in several places and the lining is not furry, it is a simple linen. Not any good for these conditions. The man's jacket, however, is much warmer. You carefully take it off him, slipping his arms out one at a time. His pockets are weighed down with something. You'll investigate this later. 

You take a quick look at the man. He is deathly pale, and a large scar runs diagonally across his face. It is faded, suggesting that it is old. You notice that he has a bag resting beside him. You take this also. 

You also think that it would be good to move on. On the other hand, you have no idea where you are, and you are injured. You could climb a tree to get a vantage point, or look at your supplies. There might be a map or a compass in your bag.

Do you...

Move on?

Climb a tree?

Look at your supplies?

The End

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