The Beginning

You wake up in the clearing of a forest, injured and unsure as to how you arrived there.
You have three choices - each one will take you on a different path.

A cold, bitter wind hits your skin, waking you with a jolt. You open your eyes, squinting as you adjust to the bright white around you. You put your hand down on the ground. It is cold to the touch. You look down. Snow.

As you begin to come to, you look at your hands. Bloody and red. You then look at the rest of your body. Your clothes are torn, and you seem to be missing a boot. You cannot remember why you are here, or indeed the circumstances that lead to you being here. You sit up, feeling a sharp pain in your leg as you do. You wince, and look down. There appears to be no significant injury, just a throbbing pain. Your shoulder is also throbbing, and you turn your head to look. It is badly scratched, and it looks as if an animal has bitten you.

You look around, moving your head in a slow circle.

You appear to be in a forest clearing. There are tall pine trees surrounding you, dusted in snow, much like the biscuits your mother would buy you when you were small. As you look around, you see that propped up against a tree is a skinny, exhausted looking man. On further inspection, you see that he is asleep. He is dressed in warm clothing - a thick leather jacket lined with sheepskin, a knitted jumper and sturdy looking trousers trimmed with fur at the bottom. On his feet are a pair of leather snow boots. The man looks to be around your size.

Do you…

Ignore him?

Steal his clothes?

Wake him?

The End

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