Chapter Four: Tyrent

Junkies gathered around a metal barrel, a fire made out of piles of garbage flickers within. A bulky-hooded figure walks past them, even going as far to push some of them out of its way. Taking a right turn down an alleyway which is directly behind the city library, the figure stops and glances around.

Looking at the little bit of moonlight on the alley walls he spots a shadow of a vicious looking dog, the eyes of the shadow turn dark red. From the shadows a Caucasian male, wearing a black beater and cargo shorts appears. Around his neck he is wearing a necklace with a ruby attached to it, he has a shaped-up beard and greyish eyes. He speaks with an eerie voice;

“Have you brought the stuff?” he looks at the hooded-figure.

Reaching into the pocket of its hoodie, the figure pulls out what appears to be a silver-colored perfume bottle, and tosses it to the man. “Do you have what I need?”

The Caucasian man reaches into the waistband of his shorts and pulls out a gold-colored pistol, “Oh yes, I believe I have exactly what you need fangs!” the man squeezes the trigger and a silver bullet speeds towards the figure. Within the blink of an eye the figure tosses the hoodie into the air and leaps over the man, the figure then launches a powerful kick into the Caucasian man’s back, which in turn sends him flying into the alleyway wall. The golden pistol falls to the ground and the figure picks it up and grips it tight.

The Caucasian man gets up and begins to howl, his muscles begin to grow, he then drops to his knees and begins to become covered in thick hairs, his jaw becomes dog-like and eventually he has become a full blown wolf. He charges at the figure and manages to pounce on top of him, the figure tries to push the wolf off, eventually when the wolf almost takes a bite out of the figure’s face, the figure pushes the pistol into the wolf’s mouth and fires two shots down its throat, causing the wolf to roll over and drop down next to the figure.

The figure turns around and pulls out a cellphone and begins dialing a number. Suddenly the figure does a backflip and leaps over the Caucasian man who had tried to sneak up on the figure with a knife, the figure fires a bullet causing the perfume bottle to break open and the contents to splash all over the man, the man lets out a loud howl and his skin begins to melt off of the bone, the figure walks away as if nothing is happening and continues its phone call.

“Yo DJ, those motherfuckers tricked me.”

“Aight, well Ty just come back to the crib then.”

Tyrent walks out of the alleyway and jumps into his car, he checks his phone once again and sees a text from Xavier;

Xavier: I want to kiss you again.

He decides to reply;

Tyrent: Hey young-bull, aight I’ll swing by. Be on the steps of your crib in five minutes.

Xavier: okay Tyrent.

Tyrent puts his phone down and speeds off to Xavier’s house. When he arrives Xavier is sitting on the front step, wearing a T-shirt and a pair of plaid boxers, Tyrent admires how sexy Xavier looks sitting in the moonlight.

Xavier stands up when he sees Tyrent and extends his arms out for a hug, which Tyrent gives to him. Xavier can smell the odor of sweat as if Tyrent had been working out before he texted him, his muscles are also really tense. Tyrent kisses Xavier on the cheek and then proceeds to kiss him on his soft and young lips. They hold their kiss for what feels like hours even though it was only a couple of minutes.

Tyrent never knew he would feel this way about any human, he feels like Xavier can be trusted to know all of his secret affairs, but he wonders; “When should I tell him.”

The End

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